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Sevens - a Chakra Fantasy
by David Sparenberg
2018-08-18 09:21:25
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Seven doors
and seven deadly sins seven dancers footing it over seven shining hills in the seventh month with the sun bright as if seven suns and seven times seven thousand flowers bursting into floral laughter beneath seven plus seven gifted heels. Then

sev01_400seven grave magicians following through seven swinging doors patterned after seven natural wonders represented by seven birds and seven fishes and seven different colored animals being symbols signifying seven layers as if seven worlds of wisdom or seven dreams of prophecy or seven rainbows bringing on
the deaths and transformations of seven deadly sins. And

the dancers first being the very first seven being the number and the motions of Qi the shapes the contours the expressivity and the candles of creation flying through these seven painted expressionistic hills like seven mists or seven waves
and behind these spell-casting magicians, poets!

Seven of us
each with instruments of rosewood gold and silver singing the rounds echoing the muses’ feet twice seven together and
seven tmes more erotic than damask dark of midnight musk and seven times more hypnotic than haloed doves in light-blind joy.  And seven time freer than freedom seven times brighter than bliss seven times healing through dreams—centered in the paths of pilgrimage flesh—and seven times quicker than wit.

Seven being the number sacred of bridges joining
to Earth.


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