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Peggy Joy's List of Concerns....
by Leah Sellers
2018-08-13 08:26:58
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“Peggy Joy, what are you doin’,” Hiram asked as he walked over to the refrigerator, grabbed and uncapped a beer, pulled out a chair at the Kitchen Table and sat down across from his wife.

“Making a List.”

“Another one of your Lists, huh ? Well, if it’s the Grocery List we’re almost our of Toilet Paper. That new Kitten of yours got closed up into the Bathroom by accident some time today,” Hiram paused to get a sip of his much needed cold beer.

who01_400“When I opened up the Bathroom door just a little while ago, I thought it was Snowin’ in there. Toilet Paper was driftin’ around in the air everywhere in there, and shredded bits of Toilet Paper were all over the Bathroom floor,” Hiram took another sip of beer shaking his head from side-to-side.

“I cleaned up the mess, but we need to be more careful about that Kitten’s where-a-bouts. She’s a little Wreckin’ Machine,” Hiram said with a sideways grin.

“Oh my, that little scalawag,” Peggy Joy laughed. “Well, we could sure use the Snow. Just talking about it makes me feel cooler. It’s 108 degrees outside, today.”

“You’re talkin’ to Noah about the flood, Peggy Joy, I just got in from feedin’ and waterin’ the Animals, when I encountered the Snow Storm and the little Tasmanian Devil who created it,” Hiram grumbled.

“Sarah is only 9 weeks old, Hiram. She’s a natural born Huntress and Curiosity Monger. We will just have to be patient with her until she’s older and more settled, and just continue to re-direct her to her toys.”

“That Kitten’s bored with that roomful of toys you bought for her, Peggy Joy,” Hiram complained. “That’s why she’s searching for other Prey.”

“I’ll bet she’s the very same culprit that ran off with my right house shoe,” Hiram continued. “I fussed at Clyde about it, but I think that ‘ole dog is innocent, and that your T.P. Snow Queen Sarah is the guilty party. I’ll have to throw him an extra chew bone at his dinner tonight.”

“Clyde would love that, Hiram, guilty or not,” Peggy Joy teased.

“Besides,” Peggy Joy added more seriously, “I’m not making a grocery list, Hiram. I’m making a List of My Concerns about America becoming a Corporate Kleptocratic Empire ruled by a Dictatorial CEO Entertainment King, who has surrounded himself with Beings very similar to HimSelf. Wealthy, Spoiled Rotten, Greedy Grifters and Grafters whose UnReality Reality Scam is bringing America’s diminishing Democracy anything but Laughter.”

“Oh no, any time you start rhyming things, I know I’m in trouble, and about to get lost,” Hiram moaned.

“I am merely Comparing and Contrasting a few Themes that I have noticed that concern me, Hiram.”

“Uh-huh,” Hiram grunted as he took a longer sip of his warming beer.

“I am still so puzzled over all of the Folks who thought that it was alright to Vote for a Con-Man-Bully-Boy-Play-Boy who has Obstructed Justice and Fair and Just Behaviors toward Others his entire Life for his own Selfish whims and schemes.”

“Did they think that he would change just because he became President ? Didn’t they realize that it would magnify his Worst and/or Best Attributes, and that because he is who he is, that he would choose his Worst to be Best at ?”

“Oaths mean nothing to this Man-Boy. Promises mean nothing to this Man-Boy. Contracts mean nothing to this Man-Boy. The Law means nothing to this Man-Boy unless he can twist it to Serve HimSelf.”

“All of these things that most Societies Cherish to uphold with Integrity and Diligence mean nothing to Trumpty. They are Tools to get what he wants or to snooker Others with while he does just what he wants to Whomever he wants to while EveryOne else with Integrity, Honor and Diligence tows the line impotently.”

“He twists Reality with every Crooked and Twistedly Transactional Word he speaks.”

“He doesn’t like or really love the people who get close to him. He ensnares them. Imprisons them with his Twisted, Dark and Poisonous Web of Deceit and False, Dreamy-Schemes.”

“And do the Christians of America or the rest of the World for that matter, really want an American President who creates policies that destroy our Educational, Ecological and Health Systems ?”

“A President and his bunch of Gargoylish Goons who think that some Children are truly Better or more Deserving than others to have a Quality and Affordable Education, Health Plan, Clean Water to drink, Clean Air to Breathe, and wonderful Natural Landscapes filled with flora and fauna that help to keep the Chemistries and Energies of our beautiful Planet Balanced and Healthy ?”

“In fact, these very same Christians keep calling Progressive Thinkers who want Universal Healthcare that’s paid for just like we all already pay for our Social Security, so that EveryOne can get their Health needs taken care of, Socialists or Communists.”

“How absurd !”

“Peggy Joy, I can tell that you’re really getting wound up. Mind if I get another beer real quick ?” Hiram requested.

“Be my guest, but don’t get too full, Hiram, dinner will be ready in just another hour or so. The pot roast with veggies is almost ready,” Peggy Joy chided.

“You have my word, Honey.” Hiram said as he uncapped another cold beer and returned to his seat at the Kitchen Table.

“Anyways, where was I?” Peggy Joy said aloud.

“Last I heard was somethin’ about Christians, Socialism and Communism,” Hiram offered.

“Yes, yes, that’s it. Well, Christ was the Great Healer as well as a Great Communicator. He walked the city streets and Healed the deaf, the blind, the mute, the demon possessed, folks with psychological and physical problems.”

“Christ walked into the Caves of the decaying and dying Lepers and Healed them and brought them back out into the sunlight, to their Families and Loved Ones.”

“Christ didn’t ask anyone he Healed for an exorbitant $3,000 Co-Pay. He didn’t ask them for an Insurance Card before he would agree to help treat their illnesses. Christ didn’t stick the folks that came to him for Healing with an out-of-sight bill that sent them to the Poor House.”

“Christ had the Power to Heal. He saw the Need and He just Did it.”

“How does that make Christ a Socialist or a Communist ? He was just a focused Good Shepherd tending to His Flock - All of Humanity - Jew and Gentile alike.”

“The President is America’s Leader. He’s supposed to be tending to his Flock. Not dividing it into Factions and Dis-tractions, stirring it up into a Stampede, and leading Us all, and our precious Democracy, into some kind of frenetic madness, mayhem and Slaughter !”

“Jumpin’ Jee-hosephat, Peggy Joy !” Hiram exclaimed. “Are you Comparin’ and Contrastin’ Our Christ to the dad-blamed Socialists and Communists ? Honey, that is Blasphemy !”

“I’m not really doin’ that, Hiram, but some other Christians are. They keep saying that Universal Healthcare is Socialist or Communist Malarkey to scare other Folks off of it. But it’s not.”

“Hiram, in some ways the European and Canadian Democratic Socialists Societal Systems are somewhat Healthier than Ours. And as far as the so-called Communist Countries go, well, all they have really ever known is Totalitarianism and the Demi-gods who used and abused, suppressed, repressed and oppressed their Peoples.”

“Those Countries have never really known a true form of Healthy Communism, and neither has the rest of the World. They were ruled by Dictatorial Brutes who did not have the true Common Good of their Peoples in mind.”

“Hiram, if Christ were here, Universal Healthcare is the kind of System that He would support, because it fairly and squarely takes Care of EveryBody without bankrupting AnyBody for the rest of their live long Lives.”

“See, Peggy Joy, there you go again, Comparin’ and Contrastin’ Christ to a Socialist or a Communist !” Hiram interrupted.

“Hiram, Christ always spoke out about InJustice and the Greedy Want, not Needs, but Wants of the Power and Money Hungry Pharisees, Money Changers and Politicians of the Jews, and Christ was one, and the Gentiles whose thumb the People of that time were all living under.”

“He overturned the Money Changers Tables in the Temple of God.”

“Yes, he said give to Caesar that which is Caeser’s, while also Preaching and Teaching the Gospel that EveryBody is Equal in the sight of God. And that We are All the Beloved Children of God, and that We are All supposed to Love One Another as God Loves Us and Jesus Loves Us.”

“How is Not allowing All Folks Quality and Affordable Healthcare, a Quality and Affordable Education and a Quality Environment to Live in Loving Them, and Treating them Equally in the Eyes of God or Christ or doing the going’s-on of the Trumpty’s - the Caesar’s of this World - any good ? How ?”

“UnEducated and UnInformed Folks ruin Healthy Democracies over time. They kill the Healthy Processes of Democracies with their Ignorant Actions and Decisions due to that very same Blind Ignorance which can lead EnLightened Thought into Darkness and despairing accelerated entropy.”

“And UnHealthy Folks can’t work or function in Life properly. They become a burden to ThemSelves and to Others. How does allowing Folks to walk around sick or lay around dying help Our Families, Our Communities, Our Countries ? How does bankrupting Folks with an Over-Priced Healthcare System help Them, Our Families, Our Communities, Our Countries ? It doesn’t !”

“Christ’s Way is the Right Way. He would make sure that All of Our Children got a Quality and Affordable Education throughout their entire Lifetimes. He would make sure that EveryOne got Quality and Affordable Healthcare - Universal Healthcare. He would make sure that EveryOne got to Live in a Healthy and thriving Environment that nurtured and sustained Everyone and Everything on this beautiful Planet of Ours.”
Hiram got up from the Kitchen Table and headed toward the hallway.

“Hiram, where are you off to ? I’m just at the very beginning of my List.”

“Oh Lordy, Peggy Joy, that’s what I’m afraid of you Socialist, you. I won’t be so rude as to call you a Communist,” Hiram answered wryly.

“Then why are you so rudely walking out on this conversation ?”
Hiram hollered down the hallway, “Cause I just remembered that I left the package with our last two rolls of Toilet Paper on the end of Our Bed.”

Peggy Joy laughed outright, “Let me know if it’s Snowing T.P., Hiram. I’ll run in and get a quick Selfie of you and Sarah. And I’ll go ahead and add Toilet Paper to my growing List of Concerns.”


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