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Cosmic Shore
by Nikos Laios
2018-08-11 09:06:53
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Cosmic Shore

Sleepless,I sit on the
Balcony of my apartment watching
It all through my telescope;
cosmic01_400I can see black space lapping on
The cosmic shore of our blue world like
An ocean, with the shooting stars
And meteorites flashing by
Lighting up the space junk that
Gently floats around our world
Like sunken wrecks
And caravels foundering
On a celestial reef.

Like a mote of dust
In the emptiness
Of space the world
Revolves and turns
Dancing around the sun
As the morning comes
In all its glory to the
Smells of bacon
And coffee beans.

I can see the flight of
Eagles soaring over
The blue sea,
The roaring waves
Soaring over towns and cities
And green fields
And the patchwork farms
Under the blazing sun.

The smoke rising from
Rusted factories and the
Smoke stacks jutting up
Like broken fingers of
Desperate souls damned
And sinking in the burning sludge
As the metal tracks wrap
Around the world squeezing
Its soul.

The days and nights
Bleeding into each other
To the glowing neon signs
And whirring traffic,
I see it all from
The balcony through
My telescope,
The blackness
Of space lapping
On the cosmic shore of
Our blue world,
Our precious world.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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