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A corrupted industry funded by ICE and Trump
by Thanos Kalamidas
2018-08-09 08:41:31
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The day prisons became private in USA, crime turned into a serious and profitable businesses were corruption and unethical inhuman behaviour rules.

The first private prison opened in Tennessee in 1984, operated by a company known today as CoreCivic. Since then the industry – we are definitely talk about an industry – has raised to a 5 billion dollars enterprise that constantly rises and has reached a contemporary financial peak thanks to ICE and the separated families.

Private prisons incarcerate about 9 percent of all U.S. prisoners, and 19 percent of all federal prisoners. About 75 percent of all immigrants detained by ICE are in private prisons. But let’s see how the whole thing works to get the feeling from its beginnings.

pris01_400Most of the families detained by ICE have been arrested in the US-Mexican boarder or in one of the southern States near the boarders. But where the kids have landed? There is the temporary tent city at Tornillo, east of El Paso but then there is another on the New York State, in Pittsburgh State, in North Virginia, even in Washington State and Oregon, close to …Canada.

So first things first, the private jailers have a side kick with this kids so from Texas to Oregon is a long way and a lot of tickets to pay plus guards, security etc. in total the trip can come up to 3-5,000 dollars per kid  and that before they arrive in their final destination. But here comes the best part and its coming from ICE and their last April report: the cost to detain a kid in one of those private tent cities is 775 dollars per day while the grown ups cost 140 dollars a day.

This minute and according to ICE report again, the average day to hold an adult in one of those private tent cities is 44 days. Kids …well here we walk in a territory unknown. We also walk in an unknown territory regarding the real cost of the detained kids because the needs of a twelve year old are totally different from the need of a three years old which is the case in the latest arrests and separations from Ice.

And there is more. ICE reports that since the beginning of 2018, 51,379 people are daily detained in one of these private “facilities”.

The rest is …show me the money!

And the more prisoners, the more detainees, the more separated families the better profits and better profits happy shareholders and happy shareholders better contributions to the Trump campaign.

Follow the money…

And of course since we are talking about so much corruption and so much money who really knows what really is going on inside ICE and who really …cares?

But please don’t limit ourselves to ICE, I mentioned the case just because in the contemporary “show me the money” for the sector, 133,000 people are held this minute all around USA in private facilities and they might look less coasty to the government than the federal facilities the truth is that …nobody really cares since the shareholders of these facilities enjoy yearly increasing profits. And this is it. Who cares about the prisoners? Who cares about the conditions or the training of the guards if they have any?

GEO and CoreCivic, the two main players in the private imprisoning business, contributed $250,000 to Trump’s inauguration committee and there everything concludes.

In the meantime a judge still waits for the families to reunify.

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