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National and Global De-Stabilization by De-Stabilizing De-Stabilizers
by Leah Sellers
2018-07-25 08:48:04
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Ah yes, President Trumpty, it is sadly True, that Helsinki was a Stinky that put Putinik in the Pinky, America’s Friends and Allies in a Rockin’-and-Rollin’ Roller Rinky, and Betraying, Petty, Dictatorial, Kingy, YourSelf, in a Black Sinky Hole ! Way to go….er, Wouldn’t go…..er , Couldn’t go….Shouldn’t go….oh, Who the heck Knows which Way We are to go ?!

But that’s the point, right ? You don’t want Clarification or a Clear Path Forward, because you are trying with all of your might to cast a blight on Everyone’s Future, but your own, for your Own Profiteering and Self Aggrandizing Agenda.

You are ever so busy taking America and the rest of the World for a Trumpty Ride ! Hang on to your Lives !
Putinik wants those Sanctions lifted. He wants his Oligarch Friends and himself to have free access to the monies they have hidden in Bank Accounts all over the World, that they have hookered, crookered and snookered out of the Russian People, and Others. Tsk ! Tsk !

And in the meantime, Kim Jong Un and his group are hunting Duck instead of meeting with Secretary Pompeo, because they got what they wanted out of you for Nothing (just Love that Art of the Deal Big Meal).

trumpy1_400Well, they did get all of that free PR with an American President shaking the Hand of the murderous and cruel-hearted Dictator Kim Jong Un to show-off to his subjugated People in North Korea. And you did cancel the Military Exercises, at Kim’s behest, that have always helped to make that area of the World somewhat Safer, and keep South Korea and Japan Cohesively Working together with the West to contain the murderous and territorial North Korean War Machine Wars in that neck of the woods, and now, their annihilating Nuclear War Forever Threat. Oh me ! Oh my ! Way to go Trumpty !

Of course, you don’t like Bad Press (even though you are the King of It). So, when Michael Cohen chirps out that he might Betray you so as not to Betray his Family and his Country, you leaked out some of Cohen’s information on You, so as to take away some of his leverage against you for the ever steadily moving Mueller Investigation. Because Mueller is a True Patriot, that always ’gets his man….even men with small Hands.
And what is that evidence you leaked to the press, Trumpty, and another Take the Fall Guy, Rudy Giuliani ? A tape Cohen made of you two discussing a Pay-off to one of the many Ladies Trumpty has Hooked, Took and Crookity-Crooked !

Yes, it was a Bad Week followed by another one of your Hair-Raising, Deceptive and Distractingly Distractible Tweety-Tweets in which you threatened to Beat up Iran if they threatened America again !

Ummm- but Sir Trumpty, it was You who cancelled the Iran Deal which was a Win-Win for both America’s National Security and Iran’s regarding the retardation of their building Nuclear Bombs which would threaten all of the World, and us giving them back their very own Money by lifting the very same types of Sanctions that Putinik now wants You to release him from. Just another one of Life’s cruel Ironies !

Iran has no Nuclear Arms, Kim Jong Un does, and Putinik does, and yet you Yell at and Threaten Iran, who has been rather Courteous regarding your many Dis-Courtesies toward them, while cooing sweetly at Kim Jong Un and Putinik. How Confusing-nik !

And what is Iran’s answer to you ? Please, don’t pull the tail of the Lion.

But then again, you, Jared and Netanyahu have taken Saudi Arabia’s side in the Middle Eastern Wars and territorial spreads. So, now you are Saudi Arabia’s, North Koreas and Russia’s lackey. Boy, oh boy ! This Change in American Policy Direction is like a Sucker Punch to almost Everyone else’s
mid-section !

You Dissed and Hissed at America’s Friends and Allies in Helsinki, Finlandia. Actions which De-Stabilized America’s seventy year old Alliances and Relationships everywhere in the Democratic West. Putinik was so proud of You….and Himself !

And when you get back Home to America to the Boos and Hisses of American Citizens who recognize your Behaviors as Base, Weak, Cowardly and borderline (if not outright, downright) Treasonous, you spend all of your time Running Away from Your WrongDoings, and trying to Morally Equivocate, and/or Deflect them away. Hanky-Panky-Spanky on you, Trumpty-poo !

As for the Hoaxes You are always talking to your Fans and Sycophants about, You, Sir, are the Real Hoax !
And You, sir, do not Believe in the Rule of Law. You have spent your Life Circumventing It ! Bending It ! Breaking It to suit Your wanton desires and Profiteering Schemes.

While you distract America with another one of your Petty Attacks upon True American Guardian Patriots (all former Intelligence Heads from the CIA, FBI and NSA - James Clapper, John Brennan, James Comey, Michael Hayden, Andrew McCabe and Susan Rice) for calling You and yours to task for the sake of America’s National Security and Democratic Integrity by threatening to have all of their Security Clearances revoked, your Cabinet members are Dis-mantling America’s Educational System, America’s Economic Systemic Protections for The Many, American Unions, American Lands, Waterways, Oceans and overall Environments (that keep all of us alive and thriving), America’s HealthCare System, American Women’s Ownership of their own Bodies, and Health and Life Decisions, the further destruction of Laws that Protect America’s Minorities and LGBTQ peoples, the cruel and unwise Kidnapping of Immigrant Children from their Parents…..etc.

Oh yes, you and your Minions have been very busy subjugating and dividing the American Public without their all being fully aware of it. Yep, we’re all slowly boiling frogs ! Ribbit !

You are so interested in eluding the fact of your many Russian Collusions and Monarchical De-lusions of False Grandeur that you have decided (as you always do) that if You Go Down then America will Go Down with you. In fact, that the whole World will Go Down with You in a WWIII, after which the spoils will be divied up between you and your Few cronies and cohorts and Minions against The Many once again, as in all Ancient Histories. You see YourSelf going out with Heroic Spin that says You, Trumpty, Always Win !

Well, the World has been down that very Old and Tried Road way too many times in Histories past due to Destructive, De-Stabilizing, De-Stabilizers just like you, Trumpty-poo, all over the Planet. No More ! Enough
already ! Time for a Timely Change ! To Evolve and Move on to Better Things and Better Ways of Doing and Being !

The World is really Energetically Connected now. The Peoples of the World are Communicating in a myriad of ways with one another each and every nano-second of each and every day ! Hurray !
Most folks are sick and tried of Leaders who always want to be purely Selfish, Profiteering and UnWise De-Stabilizing De-Stabilizers.

It’s the same old Systemic Equations over and over again that give Humanity the same old Results and Destructive endings over and over again.

Profit before the overall Welfare of Humanity and the Earth (Humanity’s rotating Home in the amazing, but somewhat capricious Cosmos) =’s Profit primarily for A Few against The Many and the Planet.

Malevolent Capitalism of obsessive Take,Take,Take and Break, Break, Break versus Benevolent Capitalism and Business practices which Wisely and Compassionately consider and act on behalf of All Humanity and the Planet. Malevolent Capitalism =’s Profit primarily for A Few against The Many and the Planet.

Poisoning Humanity and all of the Earth =’s Profit for A Few using Convenience and Invention to hook The Many (and ThemSelves). Just because We Can Make it or Do it Does Not mean that We Should.

Cheating and Conning Humanity and the Earth with Crazy Wars, Chemicals of War and Industry, Destruction of Lives, Homes, Cities, Towns and Nations of the World through the vehicle of Profiteering and Usurping
Wars =’s Profit for A Few and horror and loss for The Many and the Earth.

Exclusion of Chosen Groups labeled UnWanted, UnClean, Invisible, UnDesirable, Servile through Dis-crimination, Racism, Misogyny, LGBTQ Hating, Religion, Classism….etc. =’s Profit for A Few against deliberately Divided Humans and the Earth.

And so on, and so on……Old Dysfunctional Systemic Equations that are perpetually leveraged to De-Stabilize, and deliberately used by False Leader De-Stabilizing De-Stabilizers for their, and their Few’s, own personal Power, Profit and Control, Need to be Re-worked and Transformed for the Betterment of All involved over Time.

We can create Heaven on Earth. Instead of creating a Paradise Ruined, We Can All of Work Together to create a Paradise Saved, Nurtured and Sustained for Everyone !

Hmmm…now that’s a rather De-Stabilizing old-new New Age Dreamy Scheme. And you understand Schemes, right, Sir Trumpty ? But this Equation can have such wonderfully different Outcomes and Dividends for All of Humanity and our glorious Planet, Earth. It’s Time for a New RE-Birth, sir. Stop pulling us Back into Destructively De-Stabilizing Times !


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