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by Jan Sand
2018-07-24 08:10:55
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Whatever is the sea where we swim.
It is the sky, the air, the velvet black
Where lay the diamond stars, galactic necklaces,
The pearl moon and the ringed jewel of Saturn.
And through which the fury of the Sun dispenses life.
whatever01_400Whatever is the flash and vanish
Of the smallest bits of matter
That come and go in brief haunt
To jiggle emptiness into cosmos.
It is magnificence of running horses,
Terrifying flash and grumble of a lightning stroke,
The gentle sway of curtains of a heavy rain,
The majesty of a cat.
Whatever is a mother with her child,
The picket fence of day and night through time,
The mindless calamity of tsunami,
The vengeance of atomic fire.
Whatever moves the universe,
Relentless and ignorant of good or bad,
Unaware of ugliness or beauty,
Neither kind nor cruel.
Whatever made the fog the dog the flea the frog
Tyrannosaurus and Alpha Centaurus,
The apple, ant, asp and ape
Made you, made me.
Nor can we say
What it may be.


 Painting from Jan Sand


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