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Bannon following the money in Europe
by Thanos Kalamidas
2018-07-21 08:37:39
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The last few weeks, obviously reinsured that the Trump chaos works in USA well, Steve Bannon has turned all his focus in Europe. He gave a long visit to his UK Faragerian friends and a close tête-à-tête with Marine Le Pen, he expressed loudly his disgust about every single EU institution and of course he congratulated and tried with his words to motivate all kinds of Nazis and fascist, racists and bullies in Europe east and west.

bann01_400Bannon is a conspiracy theorist with little knowledge in political philosophy and even poorer intellectuality about nearly everything. He is a moronically ignorant self-centred narcissist just like his former boss and he is a conman. And this is where he differences to his former boss, he knows that he is a conman and he tries to make the best of it. But what’s the sudden interest in contemporary Europe from a man who often mentions Europe as the enemy?

Does he still work for his boss in a different capacity or he has a plan for a thousand year Reich with the Trump family on the window for better sales?

Steve Bannon is a fully-self aware sociopath conman who uses patriotism and various styles of far-right ideologies to con rich people since he was a bank salesman and he realized how much money some people have and how wasted this money go every single minute. Steve Bannon also realized that these people have an Achilles heel, their posthumous fame combined with fashionable patriotism. And that’s what he offers. His latest victims in USA? The billionaire Mercer family that increased Bannon’s personal portfolio with some millions but like most of them still keeping in good terms with …uncle Steve. You see with Steve there is one thing you cannot doubt, he is clever. He cons for a few extra millions, barely noticeable for people like the Mercers.

So, why Bannon has turned his eyes on a continent that agreeing to his boss finds a foe? In Bannon's case …follow the money. Bannon established Breitbart London fully investing on Brexit and like every other rightwing American thinking that Farage was the main wheel behind Brexit. The little they know but this is a different story. He also tried to establish a Breitbart France when Le Pen was giving her battle for the French presidency. The French one failed big and the British one doesn’t go as well as it was expected. Actually it goes from bad to worst. And while Steve hasn’t invested any money in all those expansions he has invested on the profits and …they are not coming.

So the self-centred narcissist came to Europe, believing that he is the soul of the Breitbart and the essence of the far-right philosophy to boost sales, to let the European Mercers reach for him. Nothing ideological at all, nothing conspirational and nothing Trumpist; plain greed. Steve Bannon is for the money; period.

As a last note, things didn’t go as well as he wanted with his latest visit because apart from the fact that he still hasn’t understand why the Brexit happened and that Farage has absolute nothing to do with it he can’t understand that the European far-right rich has a preference when it comes to conmen, they prefer locals and occasionally with royal status.

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