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Voyage into the blue wild
by Abigail George
2018-07-22 09:49:44
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Voyage into the blue wild

Kafka had a tyrant for a
  father. I had a tyrant for a
blue0001_400mother. There’s light in
  the salvation of the sky’s
peacock feathers. Moses
  forty years in the wilderness
became my own. I am
  machine. A new leaf. I know
how to restore my own soul.
  I don’t need a man, woman or
child for that. If I had the money I
  would buy a farm where I’d
spend the rest of my days.

Go tell it on the mountain.
  The rehabilitation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki after the war. The honey-blood, salt
  and light of the ocean-river that feels like home.

I sing in praise of working women everywhere.
  The natural abundance of the woman of the soil until I burn with weariness in my soul.

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"All about my mother" & "Brother Wolf and Sister Wren"
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