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The Present American Civil War and The Battles for Democracy
by Bohdan Yuri
2018-07-17 08:27:37
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As we celebrated another July 4th let us not forget the wars that brought us here to this land of Democracy and how a bloody Civil War pitting brothers against brothers was fought to preserve these United States and the right of freedom and justice for all.

We are presently in another prequel to what may turn into another bloody conflict pitting sides.

putr0005_400In 1860 it was Blue vs Gray, North vs South.  Let us never forget how dead bloated bodies littered this countryside.

In 2016-18 it's Red vs Blue, Neighbor vs Neighbor. So far the battles of this War for Democracy have been fought at the ballot boxes not on mortal battlefields...yet.

However, just as the prequel to the first Civil War was kindled by economic and governing factors based on an abhorrent moral buffoonery imposing slavery as justified. This present-day prequel to another potential bloody conflict is also factored along similar racial and social lines.

In the Battle of 2016:

"...we cannot allow our country to be invaded." (Donald Trump)

Wake up, Donald! Our country has already been invaded.

It happened in November in the Battle of 2016 when Russia blitzed the social media into defeating Hillary and installing Donald Trump, their puppet/saboteur figurehead, as President.

My wife, a registered Democrat found out when she went to vote that her name had been erased from the registry. She wasn't allowed to vote. Responsible, Republicans or Russians, or both?

Since winning that Battle, working skirmishes from within Putin's forces set about destroying the infrastructure of Democracy's framework. Through Trump Putin was able to turn a majority of the ruling Republican legislative body to his darker side, thus insuring complete control. (It's not treason if Russia wins, right? Republicans will then be on the winning side, I guess.)

So, with the energetic fervor of a demagogue this puppet president has continued to defeat the forces of Democracy first by Executives Orders and sometimes by legislation... no wait, now there's also the Supreme Court.

In any case, increasingly the Pillars of Democracy are resting on shaky foundations, ready to crack, crumble, and give way to another fallen empire.

Years from now when True History is revealed how will Trump's role be portrayed? Treasonous or addled? In an earlier (DEC., 2016) article I'd made some predictions:

"...1. By the end of the first year the GOP will ask Trump to resign. He refuses.
     2. By the end of the second year, Trump will resign.
     3. In the third year, under Pence, civil unrest will escalate....neighbors against neighbors.
     4. In the fourth year, a nation-wide civil unrest will turn into a 'modern-type' coup....a government reset.

And that's just a mild version of the domestic side...

As for the world, that depends on the new axis powers: Russia, China,       Iran...and what the free world allows them to do. In their own fashion they are   each already acquiring territories."

And this should also be acknowledged as our potential future as I believe that Trump will also have to resign, two reasons:

I think the Democrats will successfully gather enough forces to counter the Trumpsters at the ballot box. The Republicans will no longer have total control of the Houses after the mid-term elections (can't play King anymore) and secondly, the evidence against Trump will be too great to not demand it within this timeframe...........January 22 - 26, 2019.

Nowadays, we have become so preoccupied with trying to save the Truth from abuse that we are forgetting what awaits us when the full Truth is finally revealed. So as a warning:

I still believe that this will happen and my greatest fear is that the Pence presidency may experience a similar civil upheaval that the late '60's did, especially leading up to the conventions. That disorder will happen and when it does then Moscow's mission will have been accomplished because at that time during the Pence presidency all the pent up angers will explode into an all out fatal conflict.

If you remember, back in the late sixties there were less guns and less explosives readily available to citizens. I shudder to think of the future's violence and potential for the total destruction of United States Democracy in the coming years.

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bohdan2018-07-18 09:29:48
....just as one drop of rain can change the course of a river Helsinki may have pushed the date for the beginning of Trump's demise to December 6, 2018!

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