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Paper Ballots and Guardian Patriots
by Leah Sellers
2018-07-17 08:27:28
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In a hard to believe, make-believe Reality T.V. Show somewhere in Time and Space upon Planet Earth (possibly in Helsinki, Finlandia)

“Vlad, why were you so late to the Summit Meeting ?”

putr0003_400“Making you, the President of the United States, wait makes me look Strong and Powerful, and In Control,” Putin answered tersely.

“Well, I use that rude tactic at meetings sometimes as well, but I don’t like it being done to Me,” Donald replied petulantly.

“Who cares ! Vlad said quietly smiling slightly at Donald. “That’s the way I always do things. On My time. I am The Man In Control. No one else. Now, let’s get down to more important matters. Our time is limited.”

“You sure didn’t think about that when you showed up late.”

“Enough, Donald. You are my Da-Man. My Yes-Man. Not visa-versa. As it is we will probably be in here at least two hours. Let us get on with it, shall we ?” Vlad said less abruptly.

“Okay, Vlad. First of all, when we get in front of the Cameras how do we play this Scene ?”

“What do you mean ?”

“You know, what do you want me to say, in this Reality T.V. Scene ?” Donald repeated.

“That the United States of America has been very Foolish and Stupid toward Russia.” Putin said matter-of-factly.

“In fact, to make it more convincing, later on say that we both have, so as not to arouse suspicions. We don’t want your Republican Party, Fans and Right-wing Fascist Sycophants to begin questioning your Motives, like every other American does. We don’t want them knowing that, I, Vlad, and my Compatriot Oligarchs own your

“Sex, Video Tapes and Financial-Ties to Kleptocratic Lies” Secret Files.”

“Nyet, Nyet…..er, I mean No, N, we sure don’t want that, Vlad,” Donald said nervously as he played with his bright red tie. ’That would not Serve any of us well. If I go down, you don’t get America’s total take-down.”
Vlad nodded in the affirmative. “Blame it on that witch Hillary Clinton and her Servers and that Pakistani, and the missing E-mails again. Throw them that Russian and Republican Red Herring. We have nothing to lose with that continued Dis-traction and False Positive. Or is that called a Positive Falsity ?”

“Anyway, My People in Russia, love this. I, Vlad, look very Strong, Powerful and Smart - not Foolish and Stupid. This will raise my Popularity in Mother Russia as a Great Deal Maker and Game Player against the Great Con Man, and Artist of the Deal, Donald Trump. Women will fall all over Me and My mountain climbing Pony. I feel young and virile once again !”

“Well, I’ve gotten by with so much now, Vlad. You know the Pussy Cat grabbing, the Con Job on robbing the American People blind with all of my visits to my Properties and Golf Ranges on their Tab, and under-the-table deal making with folks who wouldn’t give me the time of day before I became President, while cutting back on all of the Social Programs that help to keep my Voters with a roof over their heads and food in their aching bellies, and America afloat.”

“My Pay-offs to shut the mouthy Mouths of the dames I laid and Play-Boy played with while a married man. And all of my other money making Schemes, Scams and Cons. You know, I’m vulnerable. All I’ve got to fight Mueller and his Special Council with is my Money, Mean Spirit and my Bully-Boy bluster.”

“But I’m feeling a bit lack-luster while you walk around with that Cat Who Just Ate the Canary Grin., Vlad.”

“Remind me, Vlad, why did I want to be President again ?”

“As I told you long ago, Donald, everything you have ever done prepared you for the Job of being my Da-Man, Putin’s Man,” Putin chortled.

“All Con Men are good at Subversive Active Measures, Donald,” Vlad said seriously. “They prey on the Weaknesses and Grievances of Others. They desiminate Fake News. They set up Troll Farms that furiously Hack, Stack and Pack the Computers and Files of others. They are quite apt at creating Smoke Screens and False Positives and Positive Falsities. They are Liars and Deceivers.”

“You Lie, Donald, and I’ve got your back as long s it Serves my Needs. I Lie and you’ve got my back as long as it Serves your Needs.”

“We have Power. We are Strong Men. Virile Men. We will Spin our Lies and Win. We will Destroy all mewling Democracies that get in our Willful Autocratic, thieving Kleptocratic Ways ! “ Putin grunted.

“When you put down Mueller’s Investigation into My People’s Interference into your 2016 Election on your behalf. Remember, you requested it of me on T.V. at one of your Rallies in July. So My People complied. Anyways, when you badmouth this Mueller, you must be Standing beside me.”

“Da ! Da ! That will be good and powerful Optics, as you always say, Donald ! Then keep talking about My Nuclear Power - just as you did Kim Jong Un’s - it will have the same effect of making your American People Fear me, too. And it will make a good diversion for our discussions, and further co-operations.”

“Praise me as a Good Competitor. Tell everyone that you are complimenting Putin.”

“Do not mention Crimea. Do not mention Ukraine. Do not mention Syria. Do not mention my Murdering people I don’t like in Great Britain, and in other places in Asia and abroad.”

“Above all you must contradict your Intelligence Community. It will make me appear Stronger and more Powerful to My People.”

“Everything is about Appearances in T.V. World - not Substance. You know that, Trump.”

“Da ! We must stay away from your being Compromised, Trump. You must attack your American Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, Obama, your Director of Investigations, Dan Coats, and all of your Investigative Communities.”

“American must be made to appear weak for you to be of use in my eyes, Donald.”

“Imagine it, you weakened NATO and undermined the European Union before Standing Beside me and weakening America further. You must fray the ties-that-bind America to her Allies and Agencies that Protect Her.”

“Use as many Immoral Moral Equivalences as you can when talking about your Allies and American Investigative Institutions as you can, Donald.”

“And make sure that you continue to stall any work to be done to Protect your 2018 Elections, because My People are already hard at work for you and your Republican friends.”

“I know what I am doing, Donald. I’ve played these Long-Games for years. This is how we took Crimea. This is how we take Ukraine. And then we we’ll expand from there with your help for the next eight years.”

“Remember, your People are used to hearing you say these things in one way or another since your presidential campaign. But you will be saying them and Standing Beside me. Our Energies will be Connected.”

“We will be two Strong Men Standing arm-in-arm against the Democracies of the World ! World Conquerors of a New Old World Order. A Dark Ages without Democracies. Without Freedoms, Liberties, Basic Human Rights, and Justice for One and All. No, those things will only be for You and Me and the Few We Choose to anoint with our favor ! We will be Victorious ! Winners !”

“We will Con, Lie, Cheat, and Murder our way to Greatness, like other Conquerors before us, on the Life’s Blood and Money of Others ! Victorious Predators ! Victorious Winners !

“And as the Cameras roll, I will bring up Our Dossier, which includes your Sins, and tell the Reporters and the World that your Investigators are welcome to come to Mother Russia to investigate my twelve officers, with their Dossier, but on one condition. That my Investigators can then visit America to investigate Americans we have caught hacking or who are on our lists.”

“Ha ! They will say ‘No’ to protect their People and Spies in my Country, and you will not let it happen, because Our Dossier on You would ruin you,” Putin laughed outright again.”

“It is a bold move that proves my Strength and Power, Da ?”

“Besides, I would never allow them to try my People in your country, anyway. But don’t let them push me, Donald. I assure you, you will not like the results.”

“Yes, Vlad, I am your Da-Man. I will have to Con my way through this bad hand that I have been dealt,” Donald said defeatedly.

“You dealt it for yourself years ago, Donald.”

“You will have my back on Attacking your 2016 Election successfully, which was a pleasant surprise, I must say. And I will have your back keeping your Sins and Indebtedness to me and others Secret.”

“Remember, you requested this meeting be only between you and I, Donald. So, here it is.

“You will Stand Beside me and attack your Allies, NATO and American Institutions ! You will Stand Beside me and Defend and Uplift Me in the eyes of My People and the World”

Looking up, Trump blinked in surprise. “Henry, how long have you been standing there ?”
Henry cleared his throat and said, “I’m the secondary Interpreter, sir. I just came in to see if you gentleman, and your primary Interpreters would care for anything else to drink ?”

“Vodka, please,” Putin said dangerously. “The best the palace has to offer.”

“Coffee for me, please, Henry.” Trump said slowly. “I’m feeling a little thick-headed.”

“Yes sir.” Henry closed the large palace door quietly and paused.

Suddenly, he turned and ran toward Trump’s awaiting entourage yelling,” America needs Paper Ballots and Patriots to Guard the 2018 and 2020 Elections ! America needs Paper Ballots and Patriots to Guard the 2018 and 2020 Elections”

A Finnish Agent blocked Henry in the hall. “ What is wrong ?! What are you doing, Young Man ?”

Out of breath, Henry gasped, “I’m Interpreting !”


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