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Ringleader Trumpty's Ring-Around-the-Putiny's Circus !
by Leah Sellers
2018-07-15 08:59:39
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As a giant orange, diapered Trumpty with a Tweety Phone in hand floats round-and-around the skies of London, England in Protest of his cruel and sociopath Character and dis-ruptive, dis-peptic, InHumane, knee-jerk Policies for America and the rest of the befuddled World, Trumpty cracks his whip and demands EveryBodies Attention.

Trumpty’s Circus has been hopping and bopping all over the Freedoms and Liberties of EveryBody’s Doings since he got Placed into the White House by the Electoral College, and the Rumbling, Grumbling, Dark Underbelly Aspects of America.

nat001_400Today, Trumpty’s Circus has its Raging Red Republican Lion Hunters in Congress poking and prodding, and going for the throat and jugular of FBI American Patriot, Agent Strzok, who had the unfortunate audacity to have an extra-marital love affair with a co-worker, and say Manly-Man-Protective things to her regarding their preference for President in 2016, former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton in private phone conversations and office emails. Oops !!!

Yes, he Shoudn’t Have.

He was in the wrong. And because Strzok was in the wrong, when his wrongdoing was discovered, he honorably accepted his demotion to the Human Services department by Agent Mueller in order to avoid any hint of impropriety or bias concerning the most Important Investigation that Mr. Mueller is delving into regarding Russia’s Intrusion into America’s Election with a wink-and-a-nod, a poke in the ribs, and a nudge here and there from Trumpty, Bannon and their Thug-a-lug Minions who are all prone toward Autocratic, Mafia-like, Tribal, Racist, Misogynist, Xenophobic, Oligarchic, Kleptocratic Putinites and those Clone-like Critters of their ilk.

Strzok is being flayed, braised and pillaried. Yes, humiliated, harassed and dis-credited primarily by the Raging Red Republicans in a hugely promoted, and overly bloated, and toxically loaded Congressional Hearing.

The Republicans want to ruin him and Hillary Clinton all over again.

The Democrats want to have Hearings (that this Committee continues to have a tin ear toward) on Saving the DACA Young People, the Separated and Lost Immigrant Children, the Russian Intrusion into America’s Election and how it can be Resolved and Guarded against, etc….., but are also complicit regarding the use of Strzok as a Foil to do so, even as they try to Protect and Defend him.

Guilty ! Guilty ! Guilty !

One and all of Bad Judgement, because Trumpty’s Twisted Circus to save his Bully-Boy hide from the Law he so readily seeks to Obstruct (without appearing to do so with a little razzle-dazzle and sleight of hnad) is hurting the Validity and Integrity of the FBI and our Justice Department as a whole.

That is very Dangerous to America’s National Security, and puts a Cheshire Cat Grin on ‘ole Putin’s Puss, and into the Soul of his calculating blue eyes. Hurrah and Da ! Da !

At the same time Trumpty just finished his One Man Bully-Boy Ringleader Show to America’s NATO Allies and Friends, and bossily and insultingly threatened all of its Members to Pay-Up or else ! Thumpty ! Thumpty ! Thumpty ! Harraumphty !

Did anything really Change ?

Well, Trumpty says so, but he is used to Lying every time his mouth moves and he plays with his Forked-Tongue.

No, the NATO members are sticking with their original 2% Pay-out by 2024 that they agreed to with former President Obama and his man, Bob Gates.

Besides, who wants an over militarized European Union ?

Aha ! The Weapons Makers (who contributed mightily to Trumpty's presidential bid) with their ever-ready, murderous War Weapons - their Killing Machines. They’ll make a mint selling them to the EU, who are buying them so that they supposedly will have No Place to use them, because the threat of their use and America’s We’ve-Got-Your-Back-ing will be enough to stop Russia’s Theft and Usurpation of more Countries like Crimea for Economic and Military Reasons any time he feels like it.  And keep him from messing around with them, because, like Trumpty, he does not Play well with others.

Ching ! Ching ! Let Freedom Ping ! Bang ! Boom and Ring-a-ling !

However, Trumpty’s very right Wing sycophants and Fans will love their Ringleader’s Circus Parade and very dangerous to America’s National Security Promenade.

And then Trumpty will be taking his Circus to Putin in Helsinki, in beautiful Finlandia to get more Advice, pats-on-the-back and dirt on his fee-fie-Foes !

Another instance of a very dangerous National Security Risk to America’s Democratic Republic and its
Integrity ! Oh me ! Oh my ! How the dangerous National Security Risks do accumulate and fly !

And Trumpty says Canada is a National Security Risk so that he can Slap them with Tariffs that hurt both them and the American Middle Class and Poor ? Hmmmm……

Quick ! Where’s the World’s National Security Sheriff when Democracies really Need them ?

The Trumpty Circus Clowns have come to Town, and are out to take Democracies down to the ground !
Exiting One Another is Becoming a Global Dis-ease ! And it’s helping the Democracy Destroyers to do with All of Us as They so please !

The Tribal Energies of Putindom’s Revenge on the West, each Countries grumbling, rumbling dark Underbellies, and the Corporate Empire’s expansive ambitions even affected/effected Brexit ! Hexit !

Democracy Lovers of the World we’re All being bought-in and seduced by the National and Global Autocratic Ringleaders Clown Acts and their whip snapping Lion Hunters - it is Time to Rise ! Shine ! And Roar !


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