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To Boris or not to May?
by Thanos Kalamidas
2018-07-11 08:08:59
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There is one lesson, no politician wants to learn despite the fact that when the time comes – if it comes – they all find it unavoidable. To be the “prime minister” while on the outside is not the same like been the actual …Prime Minister. Ambitious and arrogant Theresa May learned the lesson a few months ago and she actually learned it the hard way making all the mistakes by the book including the one with the early elections. She thought that everything she had said and thought before could come in practice when she actually became Prime Minister without any consequences and failures, without any consideration of all the domestic and external elements that influence the decisions of a prime minister. Now she knows.

mai01_400Boris Johnson seems to be the latest victim of this political handicap and in his case except his usual Tory arrogance we should add his Trumpian narcissism and populism. But this handicap is not Tory privilege, it is actually tolerant to all parties and ideologies and it certainly has to do with psychic of the ones who choose politics as a career.

So Boris Johnson making Brexit his flag and May’s failure to deliver a …what? Does Boris know what he wants? Does actually anybody on the Brexit side knows what they want? They want to have nothing to do with EU laws and regulations but the same time enjoy the EU market despite laws and regulations. Let’s look at tit vice versa. EU kicks out Britain from the Union but wants free access to the British market and open boarders with EU. If EU had asked that you would have seen Brexiteers arming themselves and establishing cannons in the cliffs of Dover with Boris in the role of Admiral Nelson.

Everything started with Cameron’s miscalculation. David was sure that the outcome would have been a ‘remain’ and he was actually preparing the ground for a full Maastricht membership with the euro in the near future. He got a Brexit fir the wrong reasons. Because the British governments always been hostile towards the EU for purely populist reasons with populist reasoning. And here we are. Their long-time contrast to anything European brainwashed the people who actually voted against EU because …they didn’t want more immigrants or the EU laws and legislations overriding British laws and registration without been able to identify even one of those laws and legist rations. As far immigration, the majority of the unwelcome immigration in Britain (as at least they indentify it) roots from the former British colonies and not from EU.

In this totally schizophrenic situation, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Jacob Rees-Mogg in the lead among many others adopted Nigel Farage’s Brexit rhetoric only because he was the …only one who had something to say. And here we are talking about a non-existent political clown in the edges of been a fascist, definitely racist and xenophobe who actually makes his income and lifesavings thanks to EU parliament and he found his fifteen minutes of fame in Brexit and his “friendship” with a sociopath that happens to be the president of USA.

So, in this schizophrenic chaos the British government is once more in a Brexit crisis that once more endangers the stability of the equally schizophrenic negotiations and continues to keep the British people in the darkness of ignorance regarding the Brexit.

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