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Stars in their eyes
by Richard Berman
2007-05-08 10:49:03
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Every now and then my mother in England will send some of her old magazines to Finland that she saves for my wife, and to tell you the truth I also like to have a read of them. The magazines are women's magazines, the kind that have a problem page, what is the perfect diet and what to wear, but, most of all, what all the stars have been up to that week.

One of the worst things I have noticed in these magazines is that they tell you have to lose two dress sizes in eight weeks and then in the food section of the same magazine they show you how to make the best sausage and mash and chocolate cake for desert - what are they thinking?

This week and every week there is a picture of the pop queen, Britney Spears, and the fact is people are buying these magazines to read about her life. Everyone seems to be writing about Britney, yet I cannot remember the last time she had a song in the chats or any other kind of work. She is living off what she made in the past and selling pictures of her fake weddings and her kids to the press for a lot of money. This year she already has shaved her head, been out drinking a little too much, got a divorce, her children are in the care of her ex-husband (he's another story) and she has just got out of rehab.

Then there is Victoria Beckham, the wife of David Beckham, ex Spice girl, size O, wannabe, what does she do for a living now? Problems in their marriage, they say she has an eating problem - yeah maybe it is because of all the press that she has all these problems. Can you imagine what it must be like to walk outside your front door with 12 cars of paparazzi waiting for you seven days a week?

Everybody is just waiting to see if you have changed the colour of your hair or what you have got on. The poor girl cannot even walk out of the door without looking her best. If she would not have married David, I believe she would have been like the rest of the Spice Girls, having kids and being able to walk the streets like the others without all the press walking behind them. As for David, yes he is a great football player, but would he have been as big without her?

There are many stars married to each other, but will they never learn that it is best just to stay good friends. The relationships last years or weeks in Hollywood Land. You have got your Brad Pitt and Jennifer, Britney and Kevin, who both broke up, and so many more. But then Brad goes of with Angelina Jolie and goes around the world to adopt children, which I think is nice if they have got the love and time to give them. Then there is Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, let's see how long that lasts.

The size O story is big now in these magazines, so why is every other page about diets? I feel really story for Nicole Richie. I always saw her as a really nice girl, maybe because I like her dad's music, but to look at her today, has she come under pressure to look thin and ill and as for her friend Paris Hilton, I still don't know why she is now world famous, I know one day she will get all the Hilton family cash.

Rehab is the latest thing in Hollywood Land. They all seem to be going in for a few weeks to mend their bad ways. Robbie Williams, Kate Moss and her other half Pete, plus Britney and all the rest of them go out on a Saturday night for a few drinks and on Monday book themselves into rehab to get rid of the hangover.

For some of them it may just be the pressure they have on them, but this is caused by them. This is what they wanted when they signed on the dotted line and got themselves into the papers and magazines by doing some wild thing to become a star, some of them have lost contact with their own family and I have heard stories of mothers selling stories to the papers about their own kids.

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Sand2007-05-08 19:59:21
Since I sense a quality of disapproval in your appraisal of this literature, what impels you to spend your valuable rational attention in that direction? Making fun of extreme idiocy can be amusing but is not much exercise for an analytical mind. Especially since there are more powerful dangerous idiots ranging the landscape doing serious damage to helpless people.

Asa2007-05-08 20:45:28
I am glad I don't understand Finnish well enough to hear what happens to so-called Finnish celebrities. It takes so litle to become a celeb in Finland that it belittles the very word.

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