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Eureka: Notes on human trafficking
by Joseph Gatt
2018-07-12 09:23:18
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Random notes on human trafficking, in no particular order.

-Human trafficking involves the illegal employment of people in legal or illegal activities.

-There are different types of human trafficking which are as follows:

traf001_400a) Employing people in legitimate and legal jobs and granting them legitimate pay, but not declaring them to authorities and not providing their workers legal protection. That is hiring people under the table, paying them under the table and hiding their employment from authorities. Such employment tends to be hidden either because the employee is an illegal immigrant or because the employer does not want to provide the employee health insurance or other perks or benefits he has to provide to the employee by law.  There tends to be no abuse and employees have emotional stability, personal stability, organizational stability and the ability to get the task done that goes with the job.

b) Employing people in illegitimate and illegal jobs but grinding them legitimate pay, having no intention to sell the employee to other traffickers. That is hiring people under the table and paying them under the table in illegal construction sites, in drug trafficking, in prostitution, in paramilitary organization, in illegal fishing zones or illegal environmental activities, in the sales of undeclared cigarettes, alcohol, massage parlors, luxury car dealerships or the sales of other illegal products. Employees are paid decent wages, provided emotional stability, organizational stability, personal stability and ability to get the task done and suffer little or no abuse. In some cases employees are even offered job security and promotions, and have career cycles within the illegal organizations.

c) Employing people in legitimate and legal jobs but providing little or no pay and not declaring them to authorities, but with no intention to engage in human trade, that is sell employees to other organizations. That is hiring people under the table in legitimate jobs such as legal construction sites, farms, domestic housekeeping jobs or even secretarial jobs, in some cases teaching or lecturing jobs, but denying pay, and in some cases abusing the employee, including denying housing, food and drink, sleep, emotional abuse, threat of physical abuse, physical abuse without a weapon or physical abuse with a weapon.

d) Employing people in illegal jobs and providing little or no pay, but with no intention to engage in human trade and sell employees to other organizations. That is hiring people under the table for illegal jobs including drug trafficking and prostitution, gold trafficking, trafficking alcohol or cigarettes, any overtaxed product, or activities that harm the environment, or illegal paramilitary organizations. Employees are denied pay, in some cases abused and denied food and drink, sleep, are abused emotionally or physically.

e) Employing people in legitimate in legal jobs but denying them pay and selling them to other organizations. Legitimate jobs include farms, factories, construction sites, fishing, mining, or even secretarial jobs, sales jobs, teaching jobs, domestic housekeeping, hospital nurses and so on.

f) Employing people in illegal jobs and denying them pay, while selling them to other bidding organizations. Illegal jobs include prostitution, massage parlors, trafficking of drugs, stolen or overtaxed products, or activities that harm the environment or that are undeclared.

-Traffickers tend to advertise jobs in legitimate websites online or rely on a team of traffickers who scout their victims. Victims tend to need the job or the money for solidarity purposes because they have a family to feed, or for ego purposes because they want to engage in a paid activity. Victims are often promised legitimate careers or marriage to rich and powerful people or both, or in some cases the good prospects of a life in a foreign country.

-Victims can be scouted online, scouted by family members, scouted by neighbors, scouted by friends or scouted by job recruiting centers. Victims often don't know their rights and what labor rights they have, either because they are young and lack work experience, or because they live in a foreign country and don't know their labor rights, or because their illegal immigrant status gives them no other choice as they can't engage in a legal paid activity.

-In free societies victims tend to be treated with compassion and justice tends to side with them, although in free societies as in all societies, judges can be corrupt and in some cases the justice system can refuse to hear human trafficking cases, especially when they involve well established human trafficking gangs. In tribal societies the family or clan tends to be more tight-knit, and families will tend to help victims resolve their grief, while justice will rarely be done. In militarized societies human trafficking is often considered a legitimate form of employment and will rarely be prosecuted, because of the cultural belief that the boss decides and of the vagueness of labor laws and business ownership laws, and the lack of a clear definition of legal and illegal activities.

-In some cases governments encourage human trafficking, especially when it is a legitimate source of income and foreign currency. Prostitution in touristic countries is widely tolerated, along with the sales of untaxed or illegal products and substances, including drugs, in areas with a lot of foreign tourists or foreign students who have foreign currency, or in areas where rich students and businessmen tend to hang out.

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