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Colors Of Life
by David Sparenberg
2018-07-05 07:27:22
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Colors Of Life

What are some colors of life on Earth?

colur001_400There are grays for all those gray days.
And browns of dust when winds throw tantrums.
Blue-black and deep black
Because of fears and nightmares.

There is dark color in the blood.

But also, scarlet, emerald
Crimson of sunrises, teal of mermaid oceans.
And copper and silver
And magical moments and memories of gold.

Branches of apples—red round and green.
Fragrant cherry trees in full blossom.
Yellow clouds of pollen on a canyon floor.
And pastels of whispering light.

There are rainbows over this Earth. Rainbows!
And living colors of watching eyes.


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