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Going Postal
by Jan Sand
2018-07-04 08:59:28
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Going Postal

To fold a cat
It must be flat
So that, one can hope,
To place it in an envelope
cat0001_400And mail it to a destination
With very little explanation.
Cats would not appreciate
This total compressive state
For transformation, dimensionwise,
Requires quite a compromise
From three dimensions into two
Which tends, I’d say, to imbue
Cats and other types of pets
A modicum of some regrets.
Better transport living friends
In three dimensions as it lends
More complete consideration
For their normal integration.
Flattened cats might have their uses
But it deprives them of their juices,
Eliminates their animation
So, I guess, in contemplation
It’s better yet to leave them be.
And cats, I’m sure, would agree

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