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When a man forgets himself in old age When a man forgets himself in old age
by Abigail George
2022-03-20 08:11:41
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When a man forgets himself in old age
(for Ambronese and all the women I have ever truly loved)

    I did not know then what
    I know now. That I was a
    pioneer of sorts embarking
    on a new adventure to seek a

oldy001brave new world. In my father’s house

    I was raised in a household of strong women.

It was Florence who taught
me about human suffering.
I already said goodbye to
you but you don’t know that
yet. You haven’t come to that realisation yet.
I’m broken inside and I can
see that you are too. I have

No adventure in my soul. The climate there is

    dry. No experience of fast love
    that George Michael sang about.
    I have no agenda. No mandate.
    No doctrine to give to you. There’s
    manna if you want it. The citadel
    of Jericho if your heart desires

so. The Promised Land for me and you.

    The heart speaks of cleansing
    and purification and ritual.
    The Holy Spirit and Mother
    Mary. Obedience and the Israelites.
    Moses in the wilderness. The
    wild olive tree. The garden of
    Gethsemane. Tender is night.

This age of innocence. Tenderness becomes the woman.

(The man embraces her).

    She is no longer the girl with the curious hair.
    The man who embraces her is a father but
    she does not know in what capacity yet.
    Until she partakes of flesh and blood again.

Then and only then will she be part of earth once more.

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"All about my mother" & "Brother Wolf and Sister Wren"
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