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Health care
by Judy Eichstedt
2007-04-27 10:17:20
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Imagine your child is crying because he or she does not feel well. Your child has a fever and is throwing up. You walk the floor; child in arms doing your best to comfort the child but nothing seems to work. A cold towel is placed on the child's head to help the fever go down. The child will not eat and its clear she is very ill. As any parent your heart is broken in two because your child that you love is suffering.

Picture in your mind a mother who, as she holds her sick child, is calling doctor after doctor trying to find help for her child only to be told rudely over and over we can't help you because you have no insurance, but we will take cash. The mother pleads with the doctor and makes promises of paying later knowing very well she could never dig up the money to pay the bill. Frustrated and angry she slams the phone down.

The need of the poor shall not always be forgotten

Take it a step further and pretend you have worked hard all your life in back-breaking labor at a low-paying job that takes for granted that you need the job to survive and you won't dare to make waves of any kind. The boss is able to scream at you and treat you as less then human and all you can do is stand there and take it. You're reduced to a slave and trained to obey the masters.

You work long hours and, six days a week, never see your family that you’re working so hard to support. You, for the most part, do the work nobody else wants to do, the dirty jobs and the hard ones that leave you dead tired at the end of the workday. Oh yes and you have no medical insurance whatsoever. In fact, there are no raises and not a single perk of any kind. You struggle daily to avoid having your utilities shut off and worry what will happen if you or your children get sick.

Blessed is the poor for theirs is the kingdom of heaven

For just a moment or two, as scary as it will be, place yourself into the body of someone working at minimum wage. Let us say a single mother working at a fast food restaurant with customers complaining about their food order and you’re trying to be as nice as you can in spite of how you’re being treated. As you rush to get out orders working as fast as you can your legs start to pain because you have been on your feet for four hours now without a rest.

All the time your mind is trying to come up with a way to take your children to the doctors because they have the flu. You are worried to a state of depression because two of your children need to see a dentist but you have no insurance or money to pay for it. Two of your own teeth were so bad causing you great pain so you pulled them out yourself. It took over a week of twisting your teeth to make them loose so you could pull them out.

Blessed is he who considers the poor

Pretend for a moment that you're ill and you don’t have a clue what is wrong. You know you need to see a doctor but you’re too poor to afford such a luxury. Perhaps you should not pay the rent and risk being evicted but at least you could see a doctor. Maybe you cannot pay your water bill and use that money. After all it won't be so bad going a month or so without running water.

These are the decisions millions of human beings must make everyday of their lives. They are hard-working people who are denied health care because they are poor. Is it possible that the homeless and poor, the low income workers are viewed as unworthy or of no value so they suffer in silence?

In America there is no excuse whatsoever not to have every American covered by health insurance. Well, except for greed and selfishness. Millions are not able to pay for health care and so they just do without. Many companies now try and save money by doing away with health care for the workers. The bottom line is that no one should ever be denied health care.

The American workers are suffering greatly and their cries fall on deaf ears. If companies in America are permitted to do a way with health care for all the hard working Americans the disaster that will follow will cripple America. The suffering going on behind closed doors is clearly a disgrace to us all as children of god. He who shuts his ear to the cry of the poor shall also cry and not be heard.

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Sand2007-04-27 11:40:08
There is more to the care of citizens than medical services.When the working population is deprived of all the basic services the nation as a whole suffers both financially and physically. Although the rich may become richer it is only a temporary advantage as the population as a whole will in the end suffer from crime, disease and an economic downward spiral.

Christina2007-04-27 19:46:01
Too many times have I searched for a doctor without having medical insurance. You would likely die before anyone will see an uninsured person. This is a real problem that we face day to day and no one cares, no one is doing anything to fix it. The poor basically have to put a band-aid on cancer and hope for the best while the rich are allowed to seek every possible alternative to save their life.

Robert2007-05-11 18:38:32
I wish to say this is a very good and right on report. I think the lady who wrote this is coming from her heart. I think and wish more people would stop and think of this problem in American culture. We need health coverage for all . Nevertheless, I see this country staying just as it is. For me this is so sad; but wish to say to MS Eichstedt keep trying and never give up
You are the light of this country.

Jack2007-05-28 18:58:50
I am an internet missionary (www.freewebs.com/freegrace) and freelance writer I am mission-minded (Math. 28:18). My purpose is two-fold: To prayerfully and financially support Missions Committees, which collaborates with other churches in supporting national and international missions whick help feed, shelter & clothe the poor. And also to aid funding of the Homeless Drop-In Center in Wichita, Kansas. I emphasize Christian Apologetics; fossilization, carbon-14 dating, dinosaurs, etc. Thanks for teaming with em to help change the world, one person at a time, my friend.

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