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Poet's Love & Samurai Sword
by David Sparenberg
2018-06-17 07:59:32
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Who walks with me? Let them put on their walking shores.  Walk lightly but with dedicated urgency and joy.
samu0001_400It is not the “meager-I” of me that calls you by your name, but the voice of the Earth addressing each and many who are attentive to the dynamic imperative of Earth-mutuality. What we have referred to as Heaven and believed to be betterment beyond is now a plaintive, passionate resonance of memory in the evolutionary energies of living things.

What is your image of the Holy?  What do you feel when feeling is empowered to expression in the presence of Earth’s diversity—her forms and her children?

Who talks with me?  Who holds in one heart, on one tongue, the spark of poetic love and tenderness and the samurai’s sword?  Let words be honest, measured and ennobling between us.  Let your tongue be rooted in the connective awakening of your soul.

Earth as she has grown in supportive complexity is radical with amazement.  What radically amazes excites to articulation, invites into dialogue.  Who dares to let the magic of Earth work midwifery upon human vulnerability?

Do not assume more than what and where you are; do not be less in conveyance than this context which enfolds you.

Be humble as you are courageous, in making heard, changing perception and bringing into focus this agony, the hope, the quivering and pulsating, this longing of the lost and endangered, the unheard, the unconsidered motion, motive, and the unseen.

Who stands in the circle of relevance for life before, beside and round about me?  Let us join hands.

The body too; flesh of the ground, bone of Earth-stones; is metamorphic to become prayer.  Let us be joyous in our repentance. Let us be prosperous with appreciation.
There is no more genuine profit that in Acts of Beauty: doing what is right because it is right.  There is no more authentic and authenticating wealth, or health, or sense of worth, identity, or belonging, than joining the caravan of the mystic in collective return to the Beauty Way.


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