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"The Wanderer"
by Ovi Magazine Guest
2007-04-28 10:02:08
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I wander this world sans abri
Walk endless hours sans chaussures
And even though sans argent
I feel quite sans ça

A wanderer's life might seem sans but
But a wanderer knows better, sans doute
Though some might think it's sans soin
To be detached and sans parti

But even freedom is hard sometimes, sans le savoir
When others aren't free as you, sans quoi
You can only wander free, sans plus
If others just let you be sans souci

Because freedom is not just yours, sans mal
But for others to agree upon sans cesse
As a wanderer I like to say, sans oublier
No matter how hard, I will proceed, sans attendre
by Tina Ehrami

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Chris2007-05-01 16:57:53
They say
Freedom's another word
for "nothing left to lose."
Your song is full of nothing
A hole that fill with a whole
And a universe of nothingness Visioned full of miracles.
You inspire.

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