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War Is Over If You Want It
by David Sparenberg
2018-06-09 08:46:00
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Wherever human beings live, there are human children.  Every war is a war against children.  We must ask: What wrong have children done to deserve war?  John Lennon said, “War is over if you want it.”  But war cannot be over as long as politicians are warmakers, rather than ambassadors of peace; as long as war is waged for the conspiracy of profiteers.

war0001_400Practice peace no matter what the effort or sacrifice.  Do everything you can to make peace the global legacy of Earth’s children—children acknowledged and protected as world citizens from birth.  Life is without borders, peace should be also.

Where and when there is peace possibilities flourish.  We must ask: Do children deserve anything less?  Children do not come to this world of their own volition.  They are invited here by the love of adults.  What is the justification for love becoming the killing frenzy of war?

The present inherits from the past, good and evil, and both the light of what had been embraced and the dark secrets that possessed and laid waste.  The present bestows on the future the terms of life and justice and the terrors of orchestrated death and destruction. 

To stand on one side of the line or the other is a choice, at least as long as there is time for choices to matter.  It is adults who make the choice: to be followers and conspirators, to teach following and conspiracy, or to be lovers and friends, and to teach love and friendship in the way of diversity and with reverence for life.

War is over if you want it:   When together we decide enough is enough, children will no longer be lambs for slaughter.

27 May (Memorial Day weekend) 2018


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