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Eureka: The possibility of extraterrestrial life
by Joseph Gatt
2018-06-01 07:14:25
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The Drake equation largely estimates the possibility of extraterrestrial life by basing life forms on the chemical elements whose existence we know of. That is, today's scientists believe that for there to be extraterrestrial life, you would need oxygene, hydrogene, helium etc. etc.

et001_400What scientists have not considered is that there are an estimated 100 billion galaxies in the universe. Talk about us being specks of dust in the galaxy or in the universe. This means that of the 159 or so chemical elements whose existence we know of, there are probably billions of other chemical elements whose existence we have no idea of. The further away you go from our galaxy, the more abnormal chemical elements might exist.

This probably means that there are other chemical elements that support other life forms that we don't know of, nor would they be compatible with those chemical elements. Perhaps there are galaxies that support life forms in chemical elements which would immediately dissolve any human being that would venture there, and perhaps those life forms would be dissolved if they ventured on earth or in our galaxy.

What does this say about the possibility of extraterrestrial life? So far scientists have tended to believe that life forms can only be supported in the chemical elements whose existence we know of. That is all kinds of attempts at communication with extraterrestrial life have been made, in vain, to try to see whether we could be in touch with other life forms. Think of it this way. Fish breathe in the water, birds can support the kind of atmospheric pressure that would very quickly congest human lungs, fish can not breathe on land like we do. Now imagine that at a larger scale, where life forms would live in environments that we humans would quickly be dissolved in, or would be dissolved in light years before we reach those land spheres.

This means we can only use our imagination when we imagine what extraterrestrial forms might look like. What forms and shapes do they have? Since we don't even know what chemical components they are surrounded with, it's very difficult to imagine what kind of biological ecosystem they might feed on. Perhaps they can survive without eating and drinking for example, and their chemical components naturally feed them. Perhaps they are static, that is they are life forms kind of like plants who stay in one place without ever moving because they don't need to. Perhaps they are immortal, or perhaps they have life cycles. Perhaps they are social and gregarious, perhaps they feed on themselves.

You get the idea. Let's keep in short for today.

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