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Eureka: Why Iran would want to fight Israel
by Joseph Gatt
2018-05-30 08:07:11
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Here are some of the reasons Iran wants to go to war with Israel.

-Shia Islam is the belief in the teaching of the Prophet Mohamet along with the 12 imams who interpreted his teachings. It is also the believe that there needs to be a human student and enlightened interpreter of Islamic law. The teachings would be too long to explain, but Shia Islam is the belief that a Muslim should recite the profession of faith, pray five times a day, fast during the month of Ramadan and offer tithings. The fifth pillar is pilgrimage, although Mecca does not allow Shias as Sunni Islam does not recognize the twelve Imams.

iran00000000001_400-Shia Islam is also the belief that those who follow the five pillars and the other teachings of the Quran will go to heaven, those who don't will go to hell. Other teachings include greeting strangers, shaking hands and putting your hand on your heart when you shake hands, asking parents to marry a daughter, and if the daughter remains silent that's a yes, a ban on adultery, women covering themselves when surrounded with people they are allowed to marry, a ban on gambling and alcohol, and dietary restrictions including eating meat with split hooves and of animals who are ruminants, (this means no pork) and eating meat that is sacrificed in the name of God.

-Shia Islam believes that those who don't follow religious laws will go to hell and that it is the duty of all Muslims to convince non-believers to adopt and follow the precepts of Islam. Muslims believe that those who follow the precepts of Islam will go to heaven, those who don't will go to hell. On judgement day, God will open two gates, one for the believers, and one for the non-believers. Non-believers will have their face painted in black, and will have to be boiled in water and drinking constantly boiling water, and will be tortured. It is the duty of all Muslims to prevent non-Muslims from experiencing such a fate. If it's an individual, you should convince him three times, and if he's not convinced you should kill him. If it's a group who doesn't fear hell, you should go to war against them.

-Islam believes that non-Muslims, especially the Jews are hard-headed and are trying to fight Muslims by converting them to their incorrect religion (Judaism or Christianity). They believe that the Jews pretend to be Muslims, only to scam Muslims into bringing them into their religion.

-Iran believes that Jewish tactics to convert Muslims includes Marxism (by Marx, a Jew) which preaches Atheism (a tactic to later convert Muslims to Judaism) and capitalism or the worship of money over God. Capitalism is also the work of the Jews according to them, and is also a tactic to divert Muslims from their faith.

-Iranians believe that Capitalism in the pre-1979 revolution era was diverting Iranians from their Muslim faith, so was the Communist party trying to prach Atheism, all of which would have take Iranians to hell. They believe all the alcohol drinking, female immodesty, failure to follow Muslim codes during the Capitalist era (the Shah's era) was a tactic employed by the Jews to bring Iranians closer to their religion.

-Iranians believe in the protocols of the elders of zion, according to which the Jews will wreck confusion and havoc in the world by financial means to eventually convert all non-Jews to Judaism.

-So Iranians believe it is their duty to prevent Iranian Muslims from going to hell, so believe the war is both defensive and offensive. Defensive to prevent Iranians from being corrupted and converted to Judaism, offensive because they belive ridding the world of Jews will prevent further corruption of the Muslim faith.

-Iranians believe that when their ideas are called delusional and medieval, it's really a tactic by the Jews to prevent them from following their faith and not fear going to hell.

-Iranians also want to invade Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen, but as much for strategic purposes as for religious purposes. To them the wars in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, along with the war in Lebanon, was really a war of Islam against Christianity, that is a war of Christians trying to get Muslims to adopt their faith, and a war fought by Muslims to show Christians the right path.

-Iran views Saudi Arabia as being corrputed by Capitalism and choosing money over religion, that is material wealth over fear of going to hell. Iran has similar views on most Sunni nations.

-In Iran, the Ayatollah is the interpreter of Islam, and a strict interpretation of Islam is followed. Those who follow will go to heaven, those who don't will go to hell. So it is the Ayatollah and moral police's duty to make sure that people are acting in ways that will lead them to heaven. 

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