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Broken Spitty-Hand, Double Pinky Swears
by Leah Sellers
2018-05-18 07:48:18
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“Come on, Sam. I want to be a part of the Club,” Ralph whined.

“If we let you in to be a part of the Club, do you swear to Abide by all of our Club Rules, and to be Loyal to every member in the Club ?” The tall, athletic Sam asked.

The ten awaiting Club Members listened intently to the two Boys.

“Yes, I do,” Ralph answered earnestly.

boys0001_400“Will you swear to Keep all of the Club’s Secrets, and be a Faithful Friend to Everyone in the Club, no matter what ?”

“Of course, I do, Sam,” Ralph said emphatically.

“Do you Swear ?”

“I Swear.”

“Do you Pinky Swear ?”

“I double Pinky Swear,” Ralph said, extending his right hand’s Pinky finger toward Sam.

Sam did not take it. Instead he asked, “Do you cross your Heart and hope to die, stick a thousand needles in your Eye, double Pinky Swear if you ever Break your Word ?”

“I do !”

“Say it !”

“Cross my Heart and hope to die, stick a thousand needles in my Eyes, double Pinky Swear, if I ever Break my Word !”

“Who is the person you hold in more esteem than anybody else on Planet, Earth, ‘cause you’ll have to double Pinky Swear on their Grave that you’ll never Break your Word, Sam. “Cause if you do, their ghost will come back to haunt you for the rest of your Life !” Sam said seriously.

“Then after all of that gets said and done, you and me will Spit into the palms of our Hands, and shake on it,” Sam said with finality.

“Oh no, not the Spitty-Hand, double Pinky Swear !” Ralph said in revulsion. “I absolutely hate that ! Spit is icky and germy !

“That’s why it’s so serious,” Sam said evenly.

“I don’t know….

“Well, I’ve got my pocket knife with me. I could cut the tip of your middle finger and mine, and we could make a Blood Oath pact instead,” Sam suggested sternly.

“Cut my middle finger with your dirty knife ? No way !” Ralph exclaimed grumpily. “I’ll do the Spitty-Hand, double Pinky Swear.”

“Okay,” Sam agreed. “Whose Grave are you gonna’ Swear over ?”

“Does the person have to already be dead now ? Can they still be alive ?”

“Sure, they can still be alive, it’ll just take ‘em longer to get around to Haunting you if you ever decide to Break your Word Oath to the Club,” Sam answered. “So, who’s it gonna’ be ?

“President Trump !”

“The President of these United States of America, President Trump ?”

“Yep,” Ralph answered confidently.

Sam stared neutrally at Ralph for a moment before Spitting on the ground in front of Ralph’s feet.

“Forget it. Deals off,” Sam said flatly as he turned his back to Ralph.

With those brutally surprising Words burning in Ralph’s ears, Sam strode off down the street with the rest of the Club Boys sneering and jeering, “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire…..”


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