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Pete's Temporary Refuge
by Leah Sellers
2018-05-14 07:41:00
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“Nope ! No, Maybelle ! Don’t do it !” Pete said definitively holding his hand up as if to stop something from hitting him.

“Do what, Pete,” Maybelle asked as she put the groceries down on the counter, and began putting them up, so that she could start preparing supper.

“I do not want to hear one Word against My Man, Donald Trumpty,” Pete announced firmly.

“Your Play-Boy, Con Man, Donald Trumpty ?” Maybelle asked poignantly.

“My and Your President, Donald Trumpty.”

darktrum00000001_400“You mean, my Nightmare of a president, Donald Trumpty, and Your War Mongering, World Corrupting, Dictator, Donald Trumpty ?”

“That is not right !”

“What’s not right, Pete ?” Maybelle asked as she placed the bologna into the frig.

“You have got me talking about Donald Trumpty, and me listening to you bad mouthing him again,” Pete complained. “That is just not right.”

“His being President is what’s not right, Pete,” Maybelle said, as she began dusting the raw steaks into her famous flour mixture for chicken fried steaks. She had already prepared their homemade potato salad and green beans simmered in ham hocks.

“Donald Trumpty needs to go back to his Trumpty Dark Tower in New York City, and playing golf with celebrities, and his rich lackeys, all of the time to that Mired-in-Sludgo, in Florida.”

“And there are plenty of Gators in those Floridian Waters And those Gators will be more than happy to welcome all of Trumpty’s Clingy, Slimey UnDrained Swamp Creatures and his Reality Show Egomania !”

“Trumpet’s a Forever-Starving Predator. The Gators are Predators. They should all be able to come up with, and keep themselves and every other Swamp Creature very busy with Consuming Games to Play.”

“The Gators, Trumpty and his Swamp Creatures are Super Predators after all,” Maybelle said matter-of-factly.

“Trumpty even admits it to in his rallies with his Make America Great Again Cap wearing Fans, and on television.”

Maybelle poked both of her thumbs up into the air and tried to mimic Trumpty’s voice, “I’m Greedy, folks. I’m really very Greedy.”

“And he should have added Needy. And he’s right. He is. And it’s the only thing he hasn’t Lied about, Pete !”

“Trump is obsessed with separating the Families of Immigrants. Tearing Children from their Parents. Folks who are just looking for Better Opportunities for Themselves and their Children !”

“They’re even setting up Concentration Camps for all of the Immigrants they round up, and want to get rid of, but they’re just calling them something else. Who’s next ? Folks who don’t Agree with him that he decides to label as Dis-sidents ?”

“We’re Americans, Pete ! We don’t things like that ! Hitler and his vermin did things like that. Not us !”

“So, there’s nothing wrong with my being obsessed with this Mess of a Man who needs to leave the White House, so that we can vote somebody in there who Represents the Best of America - not the worst Dis-eases of America !”

“Trumpty is hateful, petty, delusional and belittles and destroys everybody who does not agree with him or who winds up Dis-pleasing him.”

“Women are Sex Objects, Play Things and Servile Incubators to him.”

“If you’re not White and genetically Pure - which he isn’t either - he doesn’t like you. If you’re not what he considers to be Attractive, he doesn’t want to hire you no matter how Smart or Talented you are.”

"He Breaks America’s Word in major Agreements with Folks like the Iranians, who were for the most part living up to their end of the deal, and places all of Us - Everybody in the whole, wide World - in jeopardy of going up in a Nuclear Puff of Smoke !”

“He, and his Henchmen and Henchwomen want to eradicate Affordable Healthcare for Everybody ! They want to diminish and ultimately do away with Children’s Healthcare, Medicare and Medicaid !”

“He wants to short-change Social Security, while he and all of the Congress hang onto their Healthcare and their Pensions paid for by all of us American Taxpayers throughout the years !”

“He wants to help the Second Comers on their way to building the second Great Temple in Jerusalem, and bring about the Second Coming by giving Netanyahu the go ahead to claim Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital, and shutting down Outreach to all religions who have walked., lived within an traded in those Ancient Lands in almost forever.”

“Trumpty believes in Torturing Folks. He said so on t.v. ! And he wants to hire some Lady to Head the CIA who refuses to say outright that Torturing Folks is Immoral, and that she would Never okay Torture even if Trumpty ordered her to. She even helped to destroy old tapes of the Folks she was in charge of Torturing in some camp in Thailand in the early 2000’s. How can she be Trusted ?”

“Trumpty does not believe in Climate Change, and so he’s getting all of his Henchmen and Hemchwomen to UnDo all of the Regulations and Laws defending our Planet’s Environments and All Living Creatures
Well Being !”

“And Trumpty is allowing the Oil, Coal and Gas Mega-Corps to rip up and open the Earth even more and more quickly. They’re sucking her dry !”

“They are poisoning her Waters and creating sinkholes and earthquakes whenever they want to and wherever they want to !”

Trumpty, and the other Dictators like him, hiding behind “Being Businesslike Business Men and Women” and the Mega-Corps and Mega-Banks are all scratching one another’s backs, and destroying our Democracy, and others, while they Corrupt, Dis-rupt and strive to Own Everything and Everybody in America, and eventually the Whole Wide World !”

“Trumpty is trying to Privatize all of our Public Schools so that a handful of folks can make a mint off of our kids who care more about Profits can make a mint off of our kids ! They do not Care about the Future of our Great Nation, and producing Ethical, Decent and Informed Citizens. It‘s all about Bling and Ching for Trumpty and his Ilk !”

“And Trumpty says that he’s for the Middle Class, but he’s a Liar who really only pays Attention to and supports and rewards the Rich. Especially the Rich who faun all over him.”

“And what does America get out of Trumpty’s Corrupt and Corrupting point-of-view ? This huge Tax Break for the Rich and dwindling pittance for the Middle Class. And if you’re Poor, you’re Invisible to him and his Interests and Investors.”

“And Trumpty is scared to death of Mueller’s Investigation and that porn star’s Lawyer, Mr. Avenatti. And if you ask me, Avenatti is a real American Warrior, because he’s doing a lot more to help Mueller, Protect Stormy and Lady Liberty, and to expose Trumpty and his Mafioso Gang for who they really are. And they all are just Lying, Cheating, Thieving, Crooked, Conning, Play Boys and Girls !”

“Avenatti is helping Mueller hound dog the Money straight to Putin’s Oligarchic Parlor Gaming Table, and other folks right here in America and elsewhere Globally wanting to suck off of America’s sore and cracked teets……”

“Ohhhhh ! Ohhhhh ! Pete groaned loudly, holding his belly with both hands.

“Pete, you alright ? What’s wrong, Hon ?

“Maybelle, I’ve had a belly full. I’m exhausted. I’m going on up to bed without my supper.”

“Well,” Maybelle sniffed as she plopped the first flour dusted steak into the popping oil. That’ll just leave more for me and the kids to eat.”

“Pete, if I’d known that speaking Truth about Trumpty would actually get you to start that diet the doctor’s been wanting you to be on, I would have kept it up months ago.”

“Now, that I know what the Button for your appetite control is, you might find me punching it more often, Hon,” Maybelle said with a smile as she watched her Beloved Husband mount the stairs.

“Ohhhh !” Pete groaned more loudly as he continued to climb the stairs to his Temporary Refuge.


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