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Please don't turn out the light
by Abigail George
2018-05-03 07:11:49
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Please don’t turn out the light
(for Julian, Vincent, Mikale)

    Their home is not Haiti, Swaziland or

They have no home.
They have no home.
They have no home.

night00001_400    Only ritual to keep them company.

Ritual, tenderness.
Innocence, prayer.

‘Don’t forget me’.

    They seem to say with their eyes.
    Their laughter is epic. Golden across

Cities made of particles and atoms.
Old friends and new ones. To old
adventures and new ones. Shadows
dancing in the dark. Eating in the
candlelight. And so, we come to

    the analysis of empathy, forgiveness,
    love, faith, hope. The greatest of
    these being hope for the disenfranchised.

Or is it love (as a wise man once said).

They want to learn and educate
themselves with a savage kind
of violence. This is my confession.
They burn with the intent to kill.
They burn with the intent to harm.
Harm others. Harm themselves.
They burn to eradicate. To erase.

Where are all the African prodigies, gifted beyond measure.

They have no link yet
to the outside world.

    My home is not Haiti, Swaziland or Johannesburg.

    I have no home. It is only when
    I write that I feel as if I belong
    somewhere in this world. Somewhere
within in the system called
    humanity. What is this, what is this?
    This splendid dream that is holding me hostage. Teaching me
all I need to know about the laws
    of obedience.

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