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....The Face of Orion
by Leah Sellers
2018-05-02 06:45:40
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“Long Walks through various State and National Parks is just what the doctor ordered, Zella,” Cheyenne said as she smiled down at her fine Canine Companion.

Zella looked up with eyes filled with eager expectation, her Happy Tail wagging a mile a minute. She was ready for an Adventure !

“Well, not a literal doctor, but the Internal Doc that Lives Within,” Cheyenne chuckled.

park01_400As the Two Adventurers walked around a heavily wooded bend in the trail that had a trickling River’s tributary on one side and fern and moss covered rock cliffs on the other, they found themselves heading toward a large, open, sunlit area with a Stone Circle in the center of it.

When they reached the Stone Circle they discovered that the large Stones were benches encircling a large Constellation Map etched in solid cement. Each Star was represented by a rounded piece of brass, and the Compass directions were designated by large brass antique lettering.

“What a wonderful surprise !” Cheyenne said aloud. She often spoke aloud to Zella.

“I wonder if this was a school project of some kind ? I did something similar to this with a group of my kindergarten Students in the past. We all had such a fun time putting it together on the school grounds,” Cheyenne reminisced.

“The Children used Math to measure and create the Constellations with as much accuracy as possible. They learned a bit of Astronomy and Chemistry when we measured and mixed the materials needed to create and paint the Cement Constellation Disc we placed into the ground. And they got to stretch their vocabularies by learning and pronouncing correctly each of the Constellations names,” Cheyenne said proudly.

Looking up into the bright blue sky, Cheyenne squinted as she cupped her hand to shade her eyes from the dazzling sun’s glare. “Just imagine it, Zella. A Cosmos filled with ever shifting, transformative, shimmering Gases, Liquids and Solids, Light and Dark Matter all combining into an amazing Chemical Goo that hiccups, and maybe even burps, and here We are. You and me on Planet Earth.”

“Zella, no, no Girl !” Cheyenne scolded.

“Oh for Pete’s sake, Zella. You peed all over the Big Dipper ! Couldn’t you have at least chosen to pee into the Little Dipper ?!”

“Who would have guessed that so much pee could come out of such a small Dog !”

“So much for the comings and goings of Dogs and Humankind in a gaseous, bellyaching Cosmos,” Cheyenne sighed.

“Please, forgive me for snapping at you, Baby Girl,” Cheyenne apologized as Zella licked the calf of her leg nervously looking for some sign of approval.

“It’s not your fault. You’re just doing what comes naturally,” Cheyenne said as she lovingly patted Zella’s head and back. “But we had better head on down the trail before you decide to pee into the Face of Orion.”

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