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Mama's Honeysuckle and Hummers
by Leah Sellers
2018-04-29 07:24:15
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Mama’s Honeysuckle and Hummers

Coffee with Mama on Her front porch
Surrounded by the busy, thick fragrance
Of Honeysuckle and Hummingbirds
Laughing Together
At Life in General
mama1_400And at times at Life in the Specific
Reveling within Insightful Moments
Poked at in Fun
And away from outside Human Cruelties
And Cruel Mouths
Mumblers and Grumblers
Not busily humming Hummers
And Two Human Beings who mightily tried
To strive to Be
Forgiven and Forgiving
Of the Pettinesses and Sins
Brought about by Human Frailty
And the Sour Milk of Human Confoundedness
Mama and I would wrestle with
How to Kindly and Compassionately
Understand OurSelves
Know OurSelves
Forgive OurSelves
Our Own shortcomings and Confounding Moments
And in Doing so Be Better Able
To offer those Gifts of Disciplined and Insightful Love to Others
Mama, do you See that ?
A big ‘ole Bumble Bee
Has parked HerSelf at the end of my nose !
What do you mean that it is not a Bumble Bee ?!
I’m looking right at it !
And I’m just about ready to jump right out of this chair…..
Well, I’ll be !
You’re right, Mama !
It’s a Baby Hummingbird !
How Amazing !
How wonderfully Amazing !
Mama, did you know that in some Native American cultures
That the Hummingbird symbolizes Joy
A Being filled with so much Joy for Life and the Beauties in Life
That they can sometimes be too easily crushed
By Life’s all too frequent Dark Ugliness and Cruelties
Just look at the frailty of that Baby Hummer
And yet, just imagine all of the amazing Strength and Skill
That little, bitty Bird puts to use
To zip and buzz around all day
From one Honeysuckle to another
Reaching out to a nearby cluster of Honeysuckle Blossoms
I plucked two, and handed one to Mama
Pinching off the very bottom of the Blossom
I slowly pulled the long stamen down
Through the very bottom of the fragrant Flower
Holding the Honeysuckle’s Nectar up to the sunlight
I smiled and admired the crystal clear sweet droplets
That sprang from the Blossom’s center
Holding the Blossom onto the tip of my tongue
I delighted in the Sweet Nectar of the Honeysuckle
Mama, thank you for Teaching me to always
Look More Closely
At Everything
What I thought was a Bumble’s Bee oncoming Sting
Was in fact, the Wonders of a Hummer’s New Birth
That had taken Wing
And so it is with Everything
And Visa-versa
And Versa-visa
Mama, why don’t we gather the Dogs
And take a little Walk into the Woods
It is such a Lovely Day
And there is so much to Talk about
And Muse over
So much to EnJoy and Say….

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