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The Hungarian fascist EU founders missed
by Thanos Kalamidas
2018-04-28 07:53:53
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The Treaty of Rome that marks the beginnings and the foundations of the European Union was signed in 1957; scarcely twelve years after the end of the WWII with the scars of the war still open all around Europe. We must also remember that while Europe was trying hard to recover from one war was diving hard into another war, new style war: the Cold War.

I presume this is the best excuse why the founders of the Union never thought that it will come a day when fascism, xenophobia and racism will resurrect in Europe sixty years later and actually control European states, full members of the European Union influencing decisions which affect all 28 member states. There is absolutely no way to hold the Hungarian fuehrer from leading his country further into the dark ages of fascism and authoritarianism and there is absolutely no way to stop him of adding obstacles in democratic Europe. In addition to all that there is absolutely no way to withhold all the EU money his authoritarian regime enjoys thought subsidies that nobody knows if they really reach the legal beneficiaries. You see among other problems corruption has become a trademark for Viktor Orbán’s government.  

The British Guardian, in a story from Hungary in February reports: “Orbán has attacked the EU relentlessly since he took office in 2010, comparing it to the Soviet Union and launching a “Stop Brussels” campaign. At the same time, some of his family and supporters have become rich, partly due to winning EU-funded contracts to build Hungary’s roads, railways, waterworks and other public infrastructure. More than 80% of public investment in Hungary comes from the EU’s cohesion funds, which are intended to help poorer regions and countries catch up.”

orb1_400The Guardian has more to report: “Orbán’s son-in-law is one of the most prominent people to have gained from EU funds. István Tiborcz, who married Orbán’s eldest daughter, Ráhel, in 2013, owned Elios Innovativ when it won contracts to supply Hungarian towns with EU-funded street lamps. In some cases the lamps proved to be 56% more expensive than usual, although prices of LED bulbs were falling at the time, Direkt36 found. Last month the EU’s anti-fraud office, Olaf, called on Brussels to recoup €40m after it found “serious irregularities” and a “conflict of interest” following a two-year investigation into street-lighting contracts that were signed when the company was owned by Tiborcz.”

Oddly another “democratic elected” dictator has been lately aggressively denied any further negotiation for an EU membership due to his authoritarian attitude. And he also has a “complicated” relationship with EU that includes a series of “legal” bribes.

There is no doubt that Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is a dictator, far from the political correct authoritarian. There is no independent judicature in Turkey; there is no free press or freedom of speech in any level and anybody who dares to question Erdoğan’s powers ends in prison, passenger in the contemporary midnight express. Corruption is also Erdoğan’s trademark with the addition of his Hitlerian need for “expansion” in Iraq, Syria and EU soil in Greece and Cyprus and finally for his practicing genocide against the Kurds.

All these and many more violate all the fundamental criteria for a country to become EU member state and correctly the EU leadership warned him that all negotiations stop until Turkey returns to democracy. Plain and understandable. You cannot champion democracy, tolerance and freedom of speech and the same time give membership to an authoritarian state that violates every single one of these words. Except ….

Except if you have already a member who violated every single of these criteria. Except if you are already enjoying the privilege of been a full member even though you never deserved it; Hungary like most of the East European states joined EU after a political decision that had to do with the establishment of the new currency and not because they passed all the criteria, actually countries like Poland had shown back then their inability to absorb how democracy works.

So now we are stuck with a fascist in our democratic Union, Viktor Orbán, and we don’t know what to do with his because …the founders of the European Union never thought that after a devastating world war that nearly destroyed the continent, motivated from blind nationalism, racism, intolerance and fascism would come a day when Viktor Orbán and gang of fascist criminals will come in power in Hungary.

The question now it is: now what? Now time has come to create the right criteria for Hungary to either return to democracy or follow the isolation they seem to choose and a good start will be to stop the giant faucet with European tax-payers money that finds Viktor Orbán’s family and fellow fascist gangsters. And oddly this will pain greedy Viktor more than anything else.

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