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Agony & Healing
by David Sparenberg
2018-04-14 09:53:40
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Earth she is bleeding.  Earth she is bleeding.  Fire.  Fire and ice.  Fire and ice.  Everywhere.  Everywhere Earth is bleeding.

ert01Look.  Look at the ailing trees.  Fields of dead butterflies.  Fading pollen trails of dying bees.  Silence.  Silence where song of frogs used to song.  The mutant fetuses of stillborn tadpoles.

Listen.  Listen to howls of wildfire winds.  Fury of polar vortex.  Agony and the anguished ocean as you stand perplexed on a tsunami shore.  Plight of wolves.  Hunger of the wild.  Starving polar bears and orcas in barren feeding waters. Oh, the piercing cries of a prairie hawk!

Return!  Can we return?  Return to the Native.  Native inside, in hiding, Native outside, without a blanket or a home.  Old souls. Old souls seeking new bodies.  Treasure troves of nature: pipe keepers, storm-walkers.

Ancient treks.  Ancient stories whispering.  Ancient songs.  Song sung in blood, sung through bones.  Songs of joy and adventure.  Song of sanity, green sanity, repeating a few good words.  Balance.  Kinship.  Harmony.  Song of Earth. This Earth.  Song of this Living Earth. 


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