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by Abigail George
2018-04-08 08:48:17
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(for May, Jennifer, Charles and Danfred)

    Someday (seaward) bone-thin
daughters (their flesh a prize)
    will turn (the rural school of
set1_400_01    humility inside-out) into their seaward mothers.
They will drink too much. Laugh too
    loud at the jokes of their husband’s

    friends. Flirt too much or too little.
    Sons will turn into their fathers (have
too much intellect or none). In some homes, there

    will be violence to come or
    the life of the artist. A child
    will bite into a piece of watermelon.

    Women will be found frying
    Kentucky chicken. Men biting
    into a volcano steak. Joy comes

    in the morning. Deep inside her
    inferno. As the day fades to a whisper
    she lasts no longer than a dream.

The shrinking chaste grass (that her limbs are made of)

    takes upon itself praise-and-worship
(a kind of separate development). A cultural definition. When darkness
    falls I find all I want is her.

    The mind palace is a cold place.
    Pictures of a (cold) sea hang
    against the wall. I have come

    here to bid you adieu (away) from this
    awful cruel world and take my
    place amongst the (cold) stars.

    Loneliness seeps into my bones
    highlighting the gathering summer
    light in the physical world of

    seawater. Courage is powerful
    in the same way that music is
    powerful. Triumph burns. The

    shape of leaves. Couples on a
    beach. Hope is a museum. The
    cloud is full of enormous knowing.

    I would have been a bad mother.
Not quick to forgive or wipe away tears.
    I know this deep in my bones.
    Seawalls at the beach evaporate.

    Turning into dust while the kingdom of
    insight transforms itself in the moving
    light of the experiment of illness

and disease. The sun is still a pure innocent shepherdess.
    Her flock, holy. Tenderness-angelic.
    Sons turn into their fathers. Daughters into

    their mothers. This is what illness
    has done to me. It’s transformed
the truth of me. I know this in my bones.

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"All about my mother" & "Brother Wolf and Sister Wren"
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