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You remind me of a Bollywood movie star
by Abigail George
2018-04-04 07:05:16
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You remind me of a Bollywood movie star

I long for diary entries.
  To find you there
As if you never
  Went missing in action
After all these years.
  boll01_400You’re in the lost and found box or am I in the wrong.
I’m in danger of losing you
  Once again and I have an appetite
For this winter light.
  This feeling that I have
Inside of me is fear.
  Fear that I am in danger of
Calling you up again
  On the telephone,

Fear of being alone for
  The rest of my life.
Listening to silence
  On the other end of
The line. You, the butcher
  Stringing me along as if
I was a side of beef.
  You’re just being you, an actor in a film.
I wish I could sink my
  Teeth into you again
Like I once did and taste flesh,
  Blood, hair, light, salt.
I can’t be happy just with me,
  On my own anymore.

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