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Word & Gesture
by David Sparenberg
2018-03-20 09:37:41
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Spread the world and you’ll be free…. Have you heard the word is love?
John Lennon/Paul McCartney

Word:  Every word a person says has a quality.  Every word can be a common word.  An empty world.  A twisted word.  Revelation or deception.  A word to help.  A word to heal.  Or a word to hurt.  To render hearing numb.  To deaden or to awaken sensitivity.

A word can be a blessing or a curse.  A demand, command, or humility and giving.  Agony turned into sensible sound.  Longing transformed out of a raw sigh.  A shout.  Or hope become a whisper, taking the shape and pathos of prayer.

gest01_400In words we come to stumble or slither, to swim or fly.  We are articulate.  Revealing or concealing, we approach one another.  “What is it you are telling me?  I get it!  No, I don’t understand.”

How many words does it take to ask forgiveness?  To cry for a vision?  To open the way to return to sanity?  To free from silence the voice of love?  To say (lighting a fire):  I love you?

Tell me: What is the hidden treasure in the crucible of desire?

Gesture: Every gesture a person makes has a quality.  Those truly dedicated to study come to know this. 

A gesture can be commonplace.  A mere routine or use-worn habit.  Or a movement that speaks a truth out of secret depths: a gesture can be profound.  Exemplifying outward or inward origami.  Body like mind both folds and unfolds.  Lifting up violence or putting down.  Opening a window or a door.  Or closing.  A window of perception or denial of seeing.  A doorway of recognition and adventure, or denial and resignation. 

Who chooses sweetness in life will not grow bitter.  Who chooses bitterness, ingesting disappointment, will no loose the thick, stickiness of nectar . How long before disappointment churns into resentment?  The gesture that makes visible out of silence accepts the processes of life.  The gesture that sinks darker into hiding, surrenders to death.  Fear will make a fossil of the heart.

Every gesture is an intention.  Who among astronomers and dreamers will tell the rest of us where a comet ends, and comet’s tail begins?  Monuments can be miniature as well as grand.  Every gesture contains the signature of its originating body.  Gesture alerts.  Gesture invited to attend to the language of physicality. 

So, it hungers.  And for good or evil gesture leads to movement.  Movement is life’s animation.  It becomes an animal.  Animal for us becomes vulnerable human.  This summons the senses into the mystery of presence.  The language of physicality.  Therein there is breathing.  Eyes, and mood and shadows.  Forests or barren wastes; oceans and deserts.  The outer reality seeps inward.  Why not let inner evolution fall in love outward?  How pleasant the world becomes in the presence of lovers!

Who among ecosophers can bring peace of mind?  Make faces shine?  Extend the dancing flames of pathos and of passion?  Through a gesture cycle plant yearning in a kindred soul?  Share a garment as radiant light?  Or move companionship and compassion to the center of the world?  Imitate shifts of the Earth?  Interpret for us how thought and feeling emerge perpetually as body?

Adepts who know what should be known know the difference between a rose thorn and rose petal and a nail.  Adepts who sing the world voice the difference between beauty as a way of psalm and poetry, and the politics of madness.

Magic is in word.  Black magic as well as white.  Magic is in gesture.  The body is an angel.  Every angel is either terror or redemption.  Terror or redemption depending on the person who feeds on garbage or who eats the manna of deliverance.

Tell me, with either a word of mouth or gesture of hand:  Where do you come from?  What is your name?  To what place are you going?  What destiny awaits you?

Earthly, how far shall we travel together?


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