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Erdogan's Hitlerian massacre in Syria
by Thanos Kalamidas
2018-03-19 06:59:21
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Less than a year ago, EU felt forced and while under the pressure of the constantly European xenophobia, to strike a deal with Turkey trying to control the refugee-waves heading to EU. This deal included a very heavy bribe with nobody really knowing if some of it and how big part of it, ended in Erdoğan’s personal or family's accounts. What we do know now is that Erdoğan is partly responsible for the refugee waves from Syria with his genocide campaign against the Kurds.

The same Kurds who suffered under Saddam and Assad. The very same Kurds, Americans, NATO and their European allies, used as an excuse and …expendable soldiers to invade Iraq, to attack ISIL and Assad in Syria and to keep Iran away from the conflict. The very same Kurds. Their only allies in the region.

erd01_400Erdogan massacred the Kurds in Afrin while all the Kurd's ...allies fell quiet. Americans and European allies. All of them watching Erdoğan practising a genocide and declaring in a very possible Hitlerian way, that every Kurd, every single living Kurd, is a terrorist and deserves ...death. Collective responsibility and the nightmare we lived before. That’s Erdoğan contribution to our civilization, one more blood-thirsty cannibal dictator.

And why this silence? Especially from the Americans who don’t really like Erdoğan for a series of reasons, some of them count from the first Iraq war -plus some personal issues with Trump enterprising? Why sell-out your only allies in the region? The answer? They are poor and …NRA. Seriously, I’m not joking. Just think of it, who’s the biggest - far from the second - buyer of American weapons in the area? Please have a wild guess. It starts with a “T” and ends with “urkey”. And whose signature is necessary for those sales? Please, have a wild guess …again.

In a very very twisting way it all ends in the same place, politicians – in the case even presidents - in the pockets of the industry and an unveiling genocide in the pockets of the specialized war industry. Mentioning NRA was the contemporary irony sadly in its exaggeration not far from the truth.

And let’s agree that this is capitalism idiot and the American arm and weapon industry’s are so huge that can stop even trump of doing anything but what stops the Europeans? The seal never really worked, it only encouraged Erdoğan to ask for more, which apparently he did. Refugee waves keep coming, now not from the Aegean Sea but from the Black Sea again starting from Turkey and ironically nowadays caused but Erdoğan himself. The only thing EU has earned from this relationship the last twenty years is betrayal and embarrassment. In fact, Erdoğan has often proved that he is anything than an ally. He is closer to a dangerous and poisonous neighbour trying to get part of your land. Oh sorry, I nearly missed it. Erdoğan already illegally and against UN and international law, occupies part of European land!

So, what’s the deal?

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is a dictator who combines Saddam Hussein, Idi Amin Dada and Adolph Hitler. A danger to the Turkish people as much as he is to the Kurdish people and all his neighbours including the Balkans. An enemy of democracy and peace who will soon ally the worst part of international backyard fascism, terrorism and radicalism (if he hasn't already done so) to survive in the throne he build in Ankara with his own people’s blood.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is the midnight express; the nightmare of a Hitlerian state and a Nazi holocaust and while nobody expects anything good from Donald Trump it is time for the European Union to act. After all, their silence is compliancy and has started when EU helped him climbing to the throne of the bloodiest dictator the beginning of the 21st century.

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Nikos Laios 2018-03-19 10:24:44
Very well said Thano!

While we in Europe and the rest of the civilised world have been ever vigilant against the inhumanity of Fascism taking root within our societies, have through the complicity of our own inaction and silence allowed a new vile form of jingoistic-Fascism to grow and take roof in Turkey.

Erdoğan is indeed a vile little neo-Hitler projecting a new jingoistic neo-Ottomanism to attempt to salve the deep divisions and insecurities within Turkish society, and give birth to his own hardcore vision of Islam.

Turkey is a nation built on the blood and bones of genocided native peoples and on stolen land, and this historical reality is at the root of the Turkish insecurity.

Who will speak up against Turkey’s human rights violations and breaking international treaties? Who will speak up against the loss of democracy, free speach and association, violence, death, jingoistic-chauvinism, genocide and ethnic cleansing in Syria, illegal occupation of Cyprus, and the geopolitical bullying of Greece?

No one will!

The EU, US , NATO, and the UN have all sold out, and their own silence and lack of actions are morally and ethically reprehensible.

So do we leave it to little Greece to once again take a stand against an eastern tyranny , like they have been for thousands of years?

So what can the every person in the streets of the civilised world do against these Turkish fascist provocations and crimes?

The answer is through the peaceful power of an economic boycott; stop buying Turkish goods, products or services!! Stop the flow of money, stope holidaying in Turkey; for this is the only way Turkey will get the message and curb its behaviour.

In northern Greek towns bordering Turkish Thrace, all the local Greek citizens in these areas have boycotted Turkish goods and stopped travelling across the border on the weekends and are not buying any Turkish goods due to the jailing of two Greek soldiers who strayed across the border recently.

The money has since dried up and Turkish towns across the border are now feeling the effects of this Greek boycott.

Imagine if of the rest of the west and civilised world also boycotted Turkish goods and services? The effects would be immediate!

For in the end, peaceful non-violent actions will always beat the violent actions and behaviour of a fascist like little Hitler Erdoğan.

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