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The Situational Man
by Leah Sellers
2018-03-10 11:28:39
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The young Reporter of the Free Press innocently asked, “Sir, Who are you ?”

“Why I am a Man. But I am not the same Man today that I was yesterday or will be tomorrow. I am the Ultimate Situational Man.

I am Situationally consistent. I am Situationally Ethical. I am Situationally a Hair-raising Spectacle.

journ1Lights, Camera, Action/Non-Action ! The show must Go On ! Every moment of each and every day is a Time for me to conjure up my World of Situational Reality !

I live for Chaotic Uncertainty and the Chase of the Deal ! Because everything is Negotiable ! Nothing is carved in Stone. Everything is a constantly moving, bought and sold part.

So, let the Games begin ! Let’s Negotiate for Situational Satisfactions for The Few and Rock hard Dis-Satisfactions and Situations for The Many that The Few must maintain and sustain in order to always have Control and Management of The Many, Sheeple that they are. That they amazingly and continually Choose to be.

You see, everything is Performance Arts, Folks. Let me make you Feel Good with sweet seductive and ever-enticing Lies and Scapegoating Alibis. Remember, I’m The Situational Man. The Truth is Situational and Negotiable, and so are Lies !

In the World of The Situational Man, The Truth of Reality and the Reality of the Truth is Situational and Negotiable. Like it or not, that’s just the mealy-mouthed and squishy Truth and Reality of it.

So, what is everybody so upset and concerned about ? Sit back. Take it easy, and just enjoy The Negotiably Situational Ride !

Remember, I, The Situational Man, am always on your side, Negotiably and Situationally speaking, that is.

I am The Situational Man, busy making my Rule and my Ride of Power just as Situationally meaningful as I, and my Democracy Eating Regime can. That’s the Plan !

And all of this Diverse Noise about Racism, Sexism, Classism, Xenophobia, and all of the other isms and phobias you all keep attaching to me and my Regime and Swamp Creature Team is just a waste of everyone’s time.

Why, you ask ? Because Racism, Sexism, Classism, Xenophobia, and all of the other isms and phobias are all Negotiable and Situational.

So, take a deep Breath. Take it easy. And just Remember who I am whenever you find yourself getting riled up about Me and my Swamp Creatures dismantling and destroying your annoying Democracy. In my Negotiably, Situational Reality, Democracies are in my, and my Comrades and Associates way.

And about your accusations that I am a Capitalist Theist worshipping the
Golden Calf of Malevolent Capitalism above all else. Just remember, everything is always Negotiable and Situational. And as your Situational and Negotiable Ruler I will always Negotiate every Situation the Best that I can !

Even if I have to pretend to be a Benevolent Capitalist every now and then. Because all Great Situational Negotiators can spin and turn, and spin-on and turn-on you at a perfectly or imperfectly Negotiable and Situational Moment in Time. And don’t think that I won’t. Because I will, because I Can ! I am The Situational Man !

In my Book, all Life and Death Narratives are Situational and Negotiable !

What you call a Lie, I call a Negotiable Situation. What’s my World View ? It’s Negotiable ! It’s Situational ! What else ?!

My Personae is Situational. It’s Negotiable !

Climate Change ? Clean Air, Water, Land ? Clean Environment ? They’re all Situational and Negotiable to the Highest Bidder. What else ?!

Public Schools ? Public Works ? Infrastructure ? Good Healthcare for One and All no matter what ? Good paying Jobs ? Immigrants and Refugees ? They’re all Situational and Negotiable to the Highest Private or Corporate Bidder. No surprise, because remember, we are Dis-mantling your Publically glued together (and the Glues that hold it together) Democracy before your very Negotiably Situational clear to clouded, and in some cases blind-folded, Eyes.

What ? Did you ask about War ? Well, War, like your Life and your Death are Situational and Negotiable. Always open to the Power Mongering Game Players capricious Profiteering and/or Imperialistic urges and purges.

Killing ? Haven’t you heard ? We live in an Age of false Moral Equivalencies. We are all Killers of one kind or another at one time or another. It’s all Situational and Negotiable.

So, just Remember, Free Press, and all of you who dare to criticize and attempt to immobilize my Rule - my expanding Regime, and my 1%er Swamp Creature Team, you, too, are Situational and Negotiable. And Don’t you forget that.

Freedoms, and Justice and Equalities and Opportunities for One and All are all Negotiable and Situational.

In this Situational Man’s Negotiable World and Reality everything is always Situated on Negotiated borrowed time.

The confused young Reporter of the Free Press asked again, “Sir, Who are you ?…………..


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