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Eureka: People lovers and people haters
by Joseph Gatt
2018-03-07 07:15:08
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There are basically three categories of people: people lovers, people haters and people who are indifferent to other people. First I'll describe the attributes of each type of people, then I will discuss how interactions go when the different types of people meet each other.

People lovers: there are the dog lovers and then there are the people lovers. I am one of them. People lovers would do anything to meet other people. They like being present at social events, talk positively about other people and tend to hang out with other people lovers like themselves. They tend to be very comfortable introducing themselves and tend to be honest when introducing themselves, as they are not desperately trying to please other people. They tend to view society as an egalitarian place and want to know the story behind every person, from the doormen to the janitors to the waiters to the CEO. They don't feel superior to anyone nor do they feel inferior to anyone.

people1_400People who are indifferent to other people: these people tend to like spending time alone. They tend to be closed when they meet new people and won't open up until they are sure the person is worth their time. Their circle tends to be limited to two or three childhood friends, and in some cases they have no friends at all yet don't complain about lacking friends. They tend to have very little attachment to anyone or anything and like to live quiet lives.

People haters: these types like to hang out with other people but see hanging out with other people as a competition, and don't view people in cooperative terms. They tend to try to extract as much information as they can about other people only to judge those same people in later occasions. They view society as a hierarchy and will try their best to be on top of that hierarchy. They see some people as inferior and not worth their time and have very few people they view favorably.

Now to the specifics, on working with, dating and being led by the different types of people.

At work.

People lovers: At some companies people lovers are the norm, at other companies they are the exception. People lovers will notice you and welcome you at work, will try to get to know you extensively, and will try to share as much information that you need as they can. They usually will let you know everything you need to know about the company. They will tend to help you and try to make sure you are becoming autonomous, and will avoid stressful or awkward situations for you at all costs. If you hurt them, they might either try to forget the act although if you hurt them repeatedly they could make a scene out of your acts.

People indifferent to other people: They tend to get the job done, but they will be the ones quietly sitting at their desk and trying not to bother anyone. They tend not to have high nor low expectations about other people, to them the only thing that matters is punching the clock and getting their tasks done.

People haters: they tend to use the same old tactics. They will wait for you to introduce yourself, try to find out what your daily routine is, and then they will use your weak points and routine against you. To them their job is a competition and the more people quit the less they have to compete with other people.

In dating.

People lovers: You will rarely be alone when you date people lovers. There will usually be a party or hang out place you will have to follow them to. Their schedulel tends to be booked, and they do look forward to the people they will meet. If they are dating you it's because they find you likeable, but they will have trouble with you if you have a problem with them meeting other people. People lovers tend to be honest though and will tend to be loyal. They will rarely leave you for someone else. 

People indifferent to other people: to them dating and marriage is part of a tradition that they have to follow. If they can, they will date the traditional way, using the country's customs. They will rarely ask anyone for a phone number and you have to insist on them so you can date them. Once married, expect a very quiet life.

People haters: They will fall in love but soon enough will find faults with the person they are dating. If things go to far, again, they will gather information so they can use information against the person they are dating. You can tell you're dating a people hater if they are constantly criticizing people from work or from their circle.

In leadership

People lovers: you can tell a company is full of people lovers when before you even start working on the job they start showing you around the different people you will be wokring with and how you will fit into the company. People lovers want to give you the best welcome and want you to feel comfortable at work. They will be friendly and attentive to your needs and will make sure you have everything you need to get the work done. People loving companies are all smiles and lots of stationary.

People indifferent to other people: you will notice their company by noticing the stark bareness of the design of the company. Everything will be kept simple, you will be expected to get the job done without too much interaction, and little effort will be made in terms of ergonomics. Be one time, don't ask questions, do your job and go home.

People haters: if you have an angry boss and nothing is being done about it that usually means there are plenty of people haters in leadership. People haters study your resume, take what's worst in your resume and start shaming you on the weak points. They will observe you for a couple of weeks, then will look at your weaknesses before shaming you on those. Need a pencil? Go buy yourself one! Need explanations on how to get your job done? Google it or find it on youtube!

These are the types of people you will encounter. They exist in all countries and in all spheres of life.

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