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Affixing the Halo
by Ovi Magazine Guest
2018-03-06 07:04:51
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Affixing the Halo
Teresa of Calcutta , From Mother to Saint
By Saloni Kaul

So calm and collected , in thoughts all selected ,
This portrait most alive we slowly paint.
A life lived to its brim is at last exalted
teressa1_400As Mother joins the ranks of those true saints.
Like to a well-crafted work of beauty and solid spectacle
We affix those last-minute finishing touches,
To your humble world of everyday miracles
Is added the concluding recognition that it matches.
Unfazed and undeterred by destiny’s tribulations ,
Having charted the highs and all those lows,
To the face of your world seen in its completion
Eventually we all affix the golden halo.
So calm collected, in thoughts all selected,
Through twists and turns of life, you saw the everlasting way.
All the time as Saint to applaud the skies, the word, the light
And live long happily in bright eternal day.

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