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Come Together
by David Sparenberg
2018-03-06 07:05:56
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friendsh01_400Friends, don’t be indifferent, be engaged. Don’t delude yourselves, be beautiful.  Don’t adjust your lives to malignant normalcy, be radically, righteously, outrageously maladjusted.  That is what Dr. King wanted from us in the confrontations with injustice and war.  Don’t submit when you can resist.  The choices are clearly before us all: affirmations of life, all forms of life, or surrender to death.  Freedom and justice, or the injustice of slavery.

Come together now.  Consider this.  Quiet fighters sound the depths.  Their names called, they emerge as roaring lions.  Their names called, they will peal and rumble like rolling thunder.  Those who remain shallow; whose fires are extinguished and who are compromised and twisted into knots, what does this betrayal of Earth and life buy for you?  Yours is selling your souls to demons of destruction.  To mind altering noise.  To the clamor of lies.  To politics of terror.  To dangerous

Friends: Come Together!


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