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The Dupe-nik and Stupe-nik Conundrum-schtik !
by Leah Sellers
2018-03-04 10:19:40
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Agent Stupe-nik clinked his glass of vodka against Agent Dupe-nik‘s. “Well, what havoc does Godfather of Mother Russia, Putin, want us to wreak today upon the ignorant American masses ?”

“I tell you, our jobs have certainly got much easier since the Computers and Social Media arrived on the scene. Before we could only best infiltrate Countries and their populations and mindsets who were near to us, like Ukraine, Poland and Hungary,” Dupe-nik continued. “It was a piece of cake to roll over Crimea, and take its important ports, waterways and oil reserves for ourselves. Hardly any Bullets fired or lives lost. And the NATO Allies did nothing, ha !” Nothing !”

rushack01_400“But now, a Fake News story for instance, like the ones we placed on the Heart of Texas webpages, and many other Right Wing groups like them. And even Fake News claims placed here and there on Left Wing websites, and the Americans are the UnDoing of Themselves ! Ha, ha ! What a Joke ! If only it had always been so
easy !” Dupe-nik declared as he downed his vodka in one large gulp.

“Dah, dah, we are living in strange, but exciting times, now Dupe-nik,” Stupe-nik agreed. “Who knows, perhaps our agencies and Computer Bot Nerds and Geeks will lead to the overturning of the entire World Order ! Perhaps, the whole World will become paid members of Putin and Oligarch’s Mafioso ! Perhaps you and I will be part of owning and running the whole World !”

“Dah,dah, Stupe-nik,” Dupe-nik grunted. “Who knew that Putin would learn how to be such a wonderfully Profitable Capitalist for himself and his Friends without any of the messy mish-mash of a High and Mighty Fair and Just democracy getting in the way of hard, cold Profits, and intelligent theft of the Masses. Godfather Putin, and the Chinese are the best cold and hard, Profit-Making, CEO Capitalists in the World.”

“Godfather is a fine Autocrat,” Stupe-nik said with a large sneer on his ruddy face. “A good CEO Totalitarian, Oligarchic leader. He steals from the Masses to give to the Upper Classes and steals from the Rich to make himself and his Oligarchs even Richer.”

“Did you hear about Trump-kin’s getting his Republican Mafioso to get a Tax Bill through that does just that ?” Dupe-nik asked as he poured himself and Stupe-nik another glass of vodka. “And Trump-kin refuses to press Mother Russia with the Sanctions placed against Godfather Putin by the American Congress ! And the Congress does not do anything about it, because they are in the pockets of Trump-kin’s Right-wing Base, who revere him, and long to emulate his Playboy, Rich Boy fantasies and escapades as long as he does what they want.”

“And what do they want ?” Dupe-nik asked as he gulped down his vodka.

“Well, it appears that the Evangelicals want to tell every American woman what she can or cannot do with her Body and her Life, with all of this Pro-Life talk and clinic bashing and abolishing. And Pence-ski is leading the way with Kushner to end the Two-State Solution between Israel and Palestine. Pence-ski and his bunch want to bring on something they call the Second Coming and the Rapture, and will stress the re-building of the Temple blathered about in their Holy Bible. And after the Temple is rebuilt All Chaos will blow up the world and the Believers will be lifted up to a place they call Heaven, leaving everyone else behind to pick up the pieces, and be envious and grieve over having not been Chosen to be Lifted. While Kushner just wants to make a Profit in the disputed lands by expanding the settlements, and pushing the Palestinians out of those lands one settlement at a time. And they are doing all of this Second Coming and Profit-making preparation in the name of Peace, ha !” Stupe-nik surmised with dark amusement.

“And all of the Trump-kin Fans want to hang onto their Combat Weapons so that they kill as many deer as possible in the least amount of time,” Stupe-nik added. “However, I am a Hunter, too. And when I used my AR on the deer, there was little to no meat left to eat off of its mutilated carcass. It is a worthless Hunting weapon, but it is quite effective at killing all of the Americans Children in their Schools, their Movie Theatres, their Discos, their Music Concerts, their Churches, their Malls…you know, all of their Public places where they gather for Community and Fun.”

“What a tragedy,” Dupe-nik said as he poured himself another glass of vodka. “Hey, drink up. I am leaving you behind.”

Stupe-nik gulped down his second drink and held out his glass for another refill. “Yes, all of Trump-kin’s Fans are Anti-Gun Laws advocates, and so the Republican Congress is at a stalemate in protecting their very own people. It is ridiculous !”

“Dah, but it works in our favor as much as our Nerds and Geeks in Fake News Botsville do,” Dupe-nik said cheerfully.

“But don’t get ahead of yourself with good cheer, Dupe-nik, there is that Mueller fellow, and he is hot on the Twisted Trail of Trump-kin and all of his acolytes trails for their money laundering, collusion with our agents and obstruction of their very own Justice system to cover-up their greedy stupidities and out-and-out wrong-doings. Mueller and his Team are even Legally calling out some of Russia’s Oligarchs and agents. He may ruin it for all of us, before America’s democracy falls apart. And if that happens, America’s democracy could grow stronger and prove to the World how truly wonderful and powerful democracies Worldwide can and will be with all of their Equal Human Rights and Freedoms for One and all.”

“That would be a terrible blow to all of our efforts and successes thus far,” Stupe-nik warned.

“Dah, dah, Slaves for Profit with Equal Human rights and Freedoms are
Useless !” Dupe-nik growled.

Visibly claming himself Dupe-nik slurred, “We are certainly living in very interesting times, Comrade…er, I mean Business Partner Stupe-nik,”

Leaning over the table with the bottle of vodka wobbling in his beefy hands, Dupe-nik said, “And on that note, shall we have another glass and toast to the new and improved Capitalistic Mother Russia and her wonderful Mob Boss, Putin….er, I mean CEO President Putin, and his merry band of Planet-raping Oligarchs and
agents ?!”

“Ha, ha ! Birds of a feather they do flock together, Dupe-nik !”

“And so do Rats following the Pied Piper of Hubris and Greed, Influence and Power, Stupe-nik !”

“Have I told you about the Music Classes I am taking to learn how to play the flute, Dupe-nik ?”

“Nyet, I did not know that you were musical, Dupe-nik,” Stupe-nik said with drowsy surprise.

“Dah, dah, the first song I chose to learn is a simple beginner’s tune entitled “Three Blind Mice“. It is about a group of Mice running around so as not to get chopped to bits by a Butcher’s Knife, ha !” Dupe-nik said as he poured himself and Stupe-nik another glass of vodka.

“Sounds like American Mice in training to me, Dupe-nik,” Stupe-nik smiled widely as he picked up his glass and clinked it against Dupe-nik’s.


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