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A Girl of Good Conscience
by Leah Sellers
2018-02-20 11:31:39
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“Mommy, when I was messing around on-line today, a man sent me a story about a group of American Soldiers fighting in Viet Nam who went crazy for some reason, and Raped, Tortured and Murdered everybody in a Village they bumped into in the jungle. They killed everybody, Mama. Even the Women and their Children,” Cheyenne said sadly as her young mind grappled with the information she was relaying to her Mother.

gir01_400“Mama, I think I know what Torture and Murder are, but what is Rape ? I know that it is a Bad Word. But I really don’t know what I means. I don’t know what it is,” Cheyenne asked heavily.

Cheyenne’s Mama stopped stirring the Pot of Homemade Beef Stew abruptly, and turned the gas fire from the stove off as she covered the Stew Pot with its lid.

Cheyenne’s Mama pulled out a kitchen chair, and sat down across from her Precocious Child. “What man, Cheyenne ?”

“I don’t really know, Mama. He says that his name is Ray, but my friends at school told me that sometimes folks pretend to be someone else on-line that they really aren’t. And that they do it to trick folks to make them think or do things that are not True, and not Good for other folks or yourself.”

“Yes, that’s true, Baby. What does this Ray normally say to you ?” Cheyenne’s Mama asked calmly.

“Well, he doesn’t really say much. But he send photographs of beautiful dogs and kitties sometimes, because he knows I like them a lot. And he also sends funny videos of them to my friends and some other folks I have met on-line. But we all do that, Mama. Everybody does it. Who doesn’t like precious puppies and kitties ?” Cheyenne asked peevishly.

“But I don’t want to talk about puppies and kitties, Mama. I want to know what Rape is.”

“Cheyenne, you are way too young to be asking me that question. We haven’t even talked about how Daddies and Mommies make Babies yet,” Cheyenne’s Mama mused out loud. “But since I know you won’t stop asking until someone answers the question for you, then I’d rather that someone be me.”

“Rape is when a Woman does not want to have sex, but a Man forces her to anyway.”

“Does it hurt the Woman, Mama ?”

“Yes, honey. It hurts her Body. It hurts her Mind, her Heart and her Soul.”

“Oh, Mama, that sounds terrible !” Cheyenne exclaimed softly. “How can any Man do that ? Why would a Man want to hurt so many parts of a Woman ? Why ?”

“And how can our American Soldiers go into a village in Viet Nam, and Rape, and Torture and Murder Men and Ladies and Children ? Daddies, and Mommies and Children ? How ?”

Cheyenne’s Mama drew in a deep breath and paused before answering. “Cheyenne, everyone on God’s Green Earth has the capacity for great Good and great Evil.”

“War is the worst Evil of all, because it gives Human Beings the excuse - the justification to do all sorts of terrible, evil, hurtful things to one another.”

“It doesn’t matter what Countries the Soldiers come from. It doesn’t matter whose side they’re on. Some of them see so many terrible things happen to their Friends and to Others that they go crazy - they go Mad, and do all kinds of horrible things to anyone they consider to be their Enemy. Anyone who frightens them one way or another.”

“They justify their great Evils to themselves. And excuse the Situation they found themselves in that gave rise to the Darkness Within them so that they can live with what they did,” Cheyenne’s Mama said soberly.

“What Darkness Within, Mama ?”

“Oh, Cheyenne, it could be so many things. All of their horrible actions are usually due to Hatred of some kind. It could be some prejudice or bigotry that they have that gets activated by Fear and an Opportunity to let loose the Darkness Within out onto others, and not have to worry about any negative consequences to themselves, because War gives them all the excuse to act in terrible ways. Or so they think.”

“But, Mama, Daddy was a Soldier over in Iraq. Does he have that Darkness Within ?

“Yes, Cheyenne, he does. But your Daddy does not have many Hatreds running around inside of him. Your Daddy has always been a Loving and Fair-minded Man. He understands the complexities of War, and the War he fought in.”

“Your Daddy understood how scared the Iraqi people were for their lives, and the lives of their Family and Loved Ones. He never lost sight of that. And his ability to do that - to hold onto that Light inside of him kept his Darkness Within from growing and getting out of hand, and committing all kinds of terrible Sins that War can bring out in folks.,” Cheyenne’s Mama explained.

“Your Daddy is strong Man with a strong Faith in God, the Preciousness of Life and how important it was for him to be a Good Role Model for the younger Men and Women he was in charge of, and for his Country, and for Us, Cheyenne.”

“Your Daddy is a Man of Good Conscience.”

“Mama, I want to be a Girl of Good Conscience, too.” Cheyenne said brightly.

“I’m so happy and proud to hear you say that, Cheyenne.”

“Yes, Mama, I am going to be a Girl of Good Conscience, but I might have to hurt Ray’s feelings and UnFriend him since he sent me that terrible, and very upsetting story on-line.”

“I appreciate that you have come to that conclusion, Cheyenne. And try not to feel too badly about UnFriending, Ray. If you ask me, he needs to have his Conscience pricked, if that’s possible.”

“Mama, what does ‘pricked’ mean ?”
Cheyenne’s Mama smiled as she got up, and turned the heat back on to Pot of Stew as she lifted the lid, and stirred its fragrant contents. “I’ll tell you what. You go grab the Dictionary, and we’ll look it up together and discuss it.”

“Yes Ma’am !” Cheyenne said as she scampered off to the Family Office-Library Room.

“Yes, we’ll discuss that, and a whole lot more, if I know you Little One,” Cheyenne’s Mama chuckled to herself as she continued to stir the bubbling and bobbing Light and Dark pieces of vegetables and beef within the Family Stew.


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