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The Working Poor
by Judy Eichstedt
2007-04-16 10:48:14
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Yes, it is very true that the poor work and, I might say, that they work very hard. Many work two jobs and never see their family because they are busy trying to survive. A lot of children from parents who are poor are left to fend for themselves, for there is no other choice. I am sure these children feel lost and very alone yet parents working for a low wage must fight daily to avoid being homeless.

You can see the working poor at any mall cleaning up after the shoppers, at any fast food place in town, as well as calling you on the phone trying to sell you something you don’t want. They work in nursing homes caring for the elderly and even fancy restaurants hoping you will tip very well. The long list goes on and on as far as low-income workers and the jobs they do.

If there are any perks at being a low-income worker I have never found one. You’re not worthy enough for medical insurance and you learn to accept suffering as a way of life. Employers for the most part can and will treat you like a slave because they know you must take what ever they dish out because you don’t want to be homeless. From time to time you might get a raise of, on a good day, twenty-five cents a year, if you could only live to be two hundred you might begin to make a wage you can live on. Low-income workers are working in order to live in poverty with little hope of things getting better.

The working poor every week when they get paid must decide who will take their money. Should they pay the rent and go hungry that week or perhaps pay the utilities and car insurance and buy a little food with what is left. They are always falling behind and things always get turned off because they just could not afford to pay it all.

Even our own government, who every year get raises - for only god knows why - keeps the minimum wage low forcing people to live in poverty. The taxes that we all must pay are now putting a strain on the working poor who just cannot afford this deduction any longer. By the time the poor receive their paycheck it’s not worth having it. What do they have to show for all their work?

It's not pity the working poor are looking for but justice. Any man or woman should be paid what they are worth and not what we can get away with paying them. In America we have a minimum wage that is no more then a poverty wage. Does the fact that we pay a minimum wage mean they only do minimum work? No, it means they work their butts off and get very little for it.

Judy Eichstedt
7144 east Newton Street
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74115
Co-author of www.wearysouls.com

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Leo2007-04-18 04:16:01
I agree with what your saying here. Why is it that we pay the government so much when we get pay teachers, the people that take care of children or the elderly. Its a sick world that we live in when so many people are so poor when we are suppose to be the richest Nation. Americans would much rather help Africa than help the homeless or the poor right here. Its disturbing to say the least. You are doing alot by bringing this to peoples attention through your writing, keep it up and make them listen. How can anyone ever get out of poverty when the minimum wage is so low, when jobs dont give raises any more?

Sand2007-04-18 06:58:43
An editorial in the NY Times
indicates that there are many more poor in the USA than previously admitted. In a country of such wealth it is something to be ashamed for the government to try to hide the reality.

Alexandra Pereira2007-04-19 03:52:10
A very lucid article. Here we can see how the political management of contemporary economics is not humane and how illogical social inequalities can prove to be.

JASON2007-04-23 05:23:33

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