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A Comic Book Of Metahistory
by David Sparenberg
2018-02-13 09:32:34
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Culture Hero, as a man, dressed himself as a woman.  She entered the Abyss of Power.  Culture Hero, as a woman, dressed herself as a man.  He entered the Abyss of Power.  That was the time when old stars were falling, new stars arising.

Standing, Culture Hero began to sing.

athen01_400Tyranny was hold up behind a Wall of Lies, elevated inside the Tower of Paper Money.  While eating cake the song reached the demagogue’s lair, striking the Pretender in his blind spot.  Big Mouth was convulsive and tweeted out in vengeful agitation.

Too late!  Drummers, from white countries, black and brown, were already gathered and drumming.  Dancers poured in from all directions.  Dancing feet resounded patterns like rolling thunder.  Dancing hands, electric with passion, sparked through the darkling abyss like sheets of insistent lightning.

Deaf sycophants were puzzled; blind cronies bedazzled.  Politicians forget their sound-bites and photo-ops; disorientated, disorderly, confused before the tsunami of liberating music and people.

Culture Hero assumed the identity of the Cosmic Blue Androgyne.  Culture Hero mounted the Green Dragon of Creation.  She flew wild and wide above graveyards and gardens, above catacombs and schoolyards.  He flew wild and wide, vocalizing rainbows of emancipated life.

The Wall of Lies crumbled and crashed.  The Tower of Paper Money fell like a scattering deck of Tarot Cards.  Big Bully, defenseless and bankrupt, tumbled to the ground, exposed, his cold heart in his mouth, crying like a baby.  The whole world was watching.

This was the time when the moon had not yet set, and the sun had not yet risen.  When Culture Hero, combining soprano and baritone vocalizations, sang the sweet Song of Freedom.  The People, diverse and colorful in a rippling bacchanal of laughter, came together to dance.

Lovers of democracy, in semblance of Athenian Maenads, poured poetic wine over the Beast of the Abyss.  Unable to longer maintain the spell of Malignant Normalcy, the naked creature reverted to its original shape—that being a braying, potbellied ass.


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