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The ...wait and see Europe
by Thanos Kalamidas
2018-02-08 10:13:01
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Germany has a government …at last. Merkel's conservatives’ alliance and SPD clinch a coalition deal, and let’s see if the European Union will start working again, after living in stall for more than a year.

It is also impressive how much an external and an internal issue unbalanced an institute that supposedly guarantees the stability and the future of a continent. The internal issue was – of course – Brexit and the external – again of course – was Donald Trump. Brexit, until know at least, has shown that firstly the consequences for both – EU & UK – are not going to going to be as doomsday as they were described from the remain side and I must say that I never expected them to be so. Even though it seems that nothing good is going to come out with May and her government looking constantly in turbulence of insecurities and doubts.

merkel1_400Neither Britain or EU were prepared for a member-exit but Brussels managed to escape the first panic quickly due to the fact that bureaucracy kicked off and there were no political decision to be taken, at least not yet. For Britain on the other side everything was political and to make things worst in a total self-destructing move, Theresa May called for elections she barely won. Negotiation start with May hoping for a favourable deal while EU has fortified behind and army of bureaucrats and rules following the long established EU dogma: wait and see.

Dealing now with the other side of the Atlantic and Donald Trump, while remaining in the perimeters of the familiar behavioral dogma, wait and see, the truth is that the Europeans are confused as the USA Democrats with Trump and Trumpism and they have absolutely no idea how to deal with him. One thing for sure, the past business as usual with any party American President is over. Donald doesn’t like EU and especially Germany and he sees Britain and the always US friendly east EU block, as US colonies.

In the meantime Austria is having a xenophobe fascist in government, the Hungarian the Slovakian and the polish government soon will forbid democracy and free speech as signs of …communism and instead of the Mexican wall we are going to see a huge wall separating countries inside the EU boarders. The rebirth of the many Berlin Walls with the refugees and southern European states on the one side and the xenophobes mainly east Europeans on the other. The debt problem hasn’t end, it is just …swept under the mat of the Brexit and Trump issues and while “wait and see” might works with Brexit doesn’t work with EU. And on top of those we should add that populism is constantly winning in Europe. Populism elected a president in Finland and might elect a …comedian in Italy.

In addition to all those we should never forget Erdoğan. The Turkish sultan who’s dreaming an empire and practices genocide. Challenging any agreement, law and human decency, Turkey is attacking the Syrian Kurds because they are …Kurds and in Erdoğan’s paranoid dictatorial brain “good Kurd is only a dead Kurd”. And if there is one who could put some pressure on this unchained psycho is Europe, the very same Europe which absents from everything the last few years and especially this last one. Absent from the south, absent from the east with Putin mingling in all short of elections in Europe and winning the American ones.

The crisis in EU has not ended and it is hundred percent political but again …we had to wait for the result of the German internal negotiations which is a problem per se. the whole union dependant on a member’s elections doesn’t matter how important for the union this state might be is unacceptable and somehow shows how weak this union is at the moment and how the situation endangers its future. But …a change needs political courage away from the moods of the stock market and economic growth rates. The spirit that founded Europe, that dreamt of a union and not the quest for who’s going to replace the master of oppression, Wolfgang Schäuble, as the Tsar of the union. Parenthetically let’s hope that on his departure from the ministry of finance, Wolfgang Schäuble took with him his policies as well. For good and for ever.

However, expectations are limited, Macron too late too little and Sweden too far in the north for any change and wait and see seems to be the Europe’s Real-Politik at them moment.

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