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Deep Down, Uprising
by David Sparenberg
2018-02-07 12:30:34
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By now; barely out of the 20th and barely into the 21st century; as tyranny and horror have become so thorough, a political solution to Earth-crisis in this Age of Extinctions is not sufficient.  A new spirituality to make us clean and renew our identity and direction has become necessary.  Without such awakening even the best, most progressive of politicians is missing the mark.  The danger to Earth’s comprehensive future is thorough, so the sustained response must be thorough to counter and overcome.  Only a new politic, a new social contract growing out of a spirituality of dialogue, and that being the dialogue of maturity, can satisfy the need for response and reveal to us, with both reason and fervor, the ways of response-ability. 

ert01_400Nonviolent revolution to be genuinely revolutionary; a turning full circle away from the abyss of terror and madness of hatred, vengeance and irreverence; must be deep down to empower global uprising, and to open the way to alternatives.to restore our planetary home and liberate our species self-perception, making intuitive shared terms of participation and visionary life nurtured by biotic democracy and inalienable dignity.

Combat without bloodshed, denouncement without cruelty, transformation not outright destruction, justice without surrendering to injustice—these are goals in the emerging revolution of love, integrity, new commensality and healing.  In this ardor there are primary problems within the crisis complex.  These have a priority: protecting Earth from further irreversible exploitation and destruction; assuring that in the immediate future the entire planet is a nuclear weapons free zone; building a sustainable economic system of nondiscrimination to end starvation, dehydration, displacement, chronic poverty, mindsets of exclusion, racial oppression and military intimidation and aggression; preventing mounting soul loss to violence and technology; working to liberate the human condition from the abyss of history;  setting free human memory from the stigmas of atrocity and the colonial past; re-greening Earth, reconnecting our traumatized species with the patterns, processes, seasons and cycles of nature as a recognized, protected need; a legal, educational, health and cultural obligation. 

For a century or more we have stood, generation after generation, on the threshold of monumental decision.   Millions upon millions have lost their lives due to indecision. Before us, all the while, are both oblivion and renewal, blackhole or renaissance.  The revolution that begins in alternative consciousness arrives empowered, in action and process; at the reality of choices.  We do not settle once and for all but begin ever again and ever anew at beginning. This is perpetual or sustainable revolution, until generations have learned ecospphy (Earth wisdom), nonviolence and commensality replacing the tragic miseducation of generations in junk values, violence and greed.

Durance, the making with and among one another of that which endures comes to us out of dedication and endurance.  We are each called to the struggle of the desire of life for the increase of life to outnumber and overpower the degrees of death.  We are each called into the process of becoming a radical, new human identity tending to the Tree of Life, rooted in reverence, mindful of Earth-piety and human hallowing. 

None need perish in violation of nature. None need suffer in abject abandonment.

Remember this: Revolution is to turn full circle.  It is about turning and about turning around.  A circle is a linkage of degrees and every degree is itself a circle of desire and with needs.  To be made full, the revolution is not completed if the degrees are not attended and fulfilled.  In perpetual or sustained revolution the journey is the goal.

Remember: Rain does not fall once and never again any more than dawn arrives as a fixed monument.  Floods followed by draughts and the building of wall and monuments are the downfall of civilizations. A seed is a small entity.  It is not a monument, it is not a civilization.  A seed is a small entity within which is the power of life to grow.  Planted in the fertility of time, the seeds of nonviolent revolution grow into living presence. 

John Lennon once said, “War is over if you want it.”  Add to that the madness of history, if we want to live at peace in green sanity.  Dare to believe: now is the time.  We, in solidarity, are of the generation.


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