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Your life against mine
by Katerina Charisi
2018-02-07 12:30:12
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Your life against mine

You wake up at dawn,
your eyes adjust to the pale light.
I wake up in the middle of night,
eyes burning.

You stretch lazily and step out of bed.
 I fall on the floor and crush my arm
as the window brakes and the house gets on fire.

wodar1_400Your eyes seeing a purple early sun,
mine can’t see anything through this thick, burning smoke.

A stripe of land, your world, my world;
 is all we have. Your life, my life,
two parallel lives on the same land.

Your solid ground,
my trembling earth.
Chaos under my feet,
long, empty roads under yours.

You run for joy;
I run for my life.
You listen to your soles as they
stick on the wet road as you run and
breathe in fresh air;
all I can hear is mortal shells
and shrapnel whistling past my head;
my lungs are on fire.

You’re jogging; I’m choking.
Am I bleeding too?

You spread your arms to embrace love;
I raise my arms and cover my head.

At nights you count stars before sleep,
making plans for tomorrow.
 I get to sleep wondering
if tomorrow I’m still alive…

Not knowing if I even want to be.
 Your life, my life.
Whose life values the most?

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