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We Must Resist Banana Republicanism!
by Leah Sellers
2018-02-03 12:23:49
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Lady Liberty is sitting in a Pot of slowly Boiling Frogs ! Ribbit and God Bless America !

Yes, Lady Liberty’s fanny is reddening slowly but surely. But all is not
Lost ! Lady Liberty and the Bottom bumping Frogs are beginning to Communicate and Understand one
another ! Ribbit and God Bless America ! Someone find Someone to turn the Fire off !

libert01_400Lady Liberty and the Frogs have been musing and perusing the snippets of information they have been stewing over for quite some time regarding the CEO Authoritarian Dictatorship of President Trumpty. And all is not well in the turbulently Boiling Waters of the Pot they all find themselves floundering about and steaming within.
Oh My !

All are worried over CEO Authoritarian Dictator Trumpty’s constant and possessive protection of his alleged wrongdoings of Collusion with Russia (and others), Obstruction of Justice by continuing to Fire or Push-out of office every Law and Order Officer or Legal Beagle that refuses to Bend the Knee in Servitude to his mighty throne and hard helmet Crown ! If they do not swear fealty and kiss his feet and ring with love and adoration and total Loyalty to him (not the United States of America and her Constitution, and Her Laws and Institutions which uphold and Protect those very same Laws and Democratic Republic’s Order), then red-faced Trumpty hollers “off with your Head”, and Reputations are smeared and successful careers are cut short. Ribbit and God Bless America !

And then, while Trumpty, and Paul Ryan, who is Representative Nunes’ Boss, and other Republican Henchmen are digging around to find Highly Classified Documents to try and dig up Nasty Sludge and Dirt on the FBI and the Department of Justice (and others if they get in Trumpty’s way), Trumpty has refused to place the Sanctions against Russia that the House and Representatives and Senate voted to have activated !
Yes, that’s right ! Dictator Trumpty says that the threat of getting the Sanctions placed against them are keeping his Mafia Boss and Mentor, Russian President and wealthy Oligarch Vladimir Putin in their place. And that that is enough punishment for Russia’s Trollish Interference with America’s Elections, and continued Interference as Lady Liberty and the ribbiting Frogs continue to slowly Boil in the Hot Pot full of Crock ! Ribbit and God Bless America !

Dictator Trumpty is not interested in the Truth, because he is a superb Con Man used to constantly Flim-Flamming folks with Smoke and Mirrors in order to Always get his way. And if the Lies and Bling and diversionary Trash Stories and Twitter sour Tweets don’t work, Trumpty will just out and out Tantrum ! Ribbit and God Bless America ! Someone, please, find SomeOne to turn the Fire Off !

Dictator Trumpty wants a Purging ! He wants anyone and everyone investigating him to disappear into anonymity and slime. Off with their Heads and give ‘em some Jail time !
This is what all slipping and sliding Banana Peel Republic Dictators and their Henchmen do.
Poop-Poopty-Doo ! Ribbit and God Bless America !

Yes, Chest Thumping Dictator Bully-Boys (and Girls) get along best in Environments where those who are supposed to be Protecting and Sustaining their Countries Common Good instead decide to help the Purging along ! And the Paul Ryan’s House Republicans and Mitch McConnell’s Senate Republicans are Purging right along with Dictator Trumpty and his Gang ! Clang-a-lang ! Ribbit and God Bless America !
The Taste and glorious Hubris of Power and Power Mongering is Addict-ively in-Toxic-ating ! Ribbit and God Bless America !

Yes, Dictator Trumpty is ordering Cracked Egg Conspiracy-laden Bananas to cram down the American Public’s throats every day to Cover-up his corruptive and corrosive Actions and Non-Actions through his dangerously Fake State Television, Radio and Computerland Fake News Shows and dart throws ! Ribbit ! And God Bless America !

Carter Page and backbone of Steele Dossiers, and In-Like-Flynn and Manafort Spins and deep Russian and Ukranian Knee Bends, and Trumpian-Bannonite Nationalism based upon the Fears and Hatreds of The Other and The Evolving Future to be separated from and avoided behind Trumpian Great Walls and cries of “Watch out ! The Sky Falls ! (But Wall Street prospers and rises, and the Rich are well fed on the Lower Taxes they paid the Republican Congress to contrive and push, while flushing the Middle Class and the Working Poor down the Proverbial Toilet). Ribbit and God Bless America !

SomeBody - SomeOne Open your Eyes, Ears, Hearts and Minds and being careful to not slip on any of the Trumpian-Republican slippery Banana Republic’s peels, please, calm the turbulent Boiling Waters by turning the Fire Off and Freeing Lady Liberty and the Ribbiting Frogs from the Hot Pot of Crock !

We Must Resist Banana Republicanism !

Ribbit and God Bless America !


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