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Concrete Jungle
by Nikos Laios
2018-01-30 09:05:43
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Concrete Jungle

The neighbour next door was beating
A worn red coloured Persian rug
With a tennis racket at the back
Of his unit and clouds of dust
Rose up into the air.

Tconcret1_400he balding fat middle aged man
Across the courtyard was stripped
Down to his white singlet, soaked,
Sweating like a pig under the hot sun
On his balcony slicing chunks of salami
And stuffing them into his mouth.

Tchaikovsky was blaring out
Of a radio from a dingy corner unit,
A blonde with a ponytail was stretching
Her legs preparing to dance to the music;
A stripper-whore-aspiring ballerina.

I could hear the couple upstairs 
Arguing loudly over television channels,
And the oily smell of badly cooked
Chinese food rose from
The hippy couple downstairs;
It was a stinking hot day
And the city cooked in
A melting bitumen heat.

It was Sunday,
It was my Sunday;
I took a swig
Of gin and tonic
And pressed the
Cold glass with
The clinking ice
Against my face.

I thought about
All of the other people
In the city who lived out their
Small lives just like mine in our
Brick and concrete jungle,
Our slice of paradise

I continued drinking
My gin and tonic,
And the neighbours
Continued with their lives,
And I just stood there
All day and watched it all unfold,
A human symphony playing out
In a concrete jungle.


With a digital drawing from Nikos Laios


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