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Eureka: 30 types of people you want to avoid
by Joseph Gatt
2018-01-29 08:32:46
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A brief look at 30 types of people you want to avoid dealing with, befriending, working with or getting married with.

  1. Double standards. If a person is treating you one way, but treating another person in front of you completely differently, avoid. For example, if a person is being harsh with you, but nice with other people, avoid.
  1. avoid1_400People bashers. We all have this one person we can't stand. But if someone seems to find fault with almost everyone they come close to, avoid.
  1. The awkward silence. We all interrupt people when something inappropriate is being said or about to be said. But if you can't finish a sentence, or perhaps even start a sentence, avoid.
  1. Achievement killers. We're all proud of something we did during the day or in our life. We're proud of that award we won or that pair of shoes we just bought. If someone seems to always belittle your achivements, as in moving to another topic without complimenting you on your good news, avoid.
  1. Mockers. We all like to tease people on stuff. I don't mind being teased on my big belly. But if teasing gets out of hand and becomes vicious mockery, and has the aim of humiliating you, avoid.
  1. Secret mockers. People might downright point at your big belly. But if someone seems to be hinting at one of your flaws, as in imitating your accent, hinting at your strange haircut or telling stories that are vaguely reminiscent of sad episodes of your life or simply facts of your life, and seems to be done in a deliberate way, avoid.
  1. Favor addicts. I always feel good when I help people out, be it a friend in need or some random guy in the street. But if someone takes your helping hand for granted and starts working you as his or her slave, or keeps asking for money for no apparent reason, avoid.
  1. Hystericals. I tend to buy just enough drinks for the night, just enough so people don't get too drunk. But if this one person starts overiindulging, I just kindly remind them that the drinks are counted. If someone gets hysterical at your using too much water, saying the wrong thing or doing the wrong thing when you had not be forewarned, avoid.
  1. Land-owning aristocrats from like ten centuries ago. If you see someone treat anyone, and I mean anyone, like their slave, as in throwing things at them or publicly humiliating them avoid. Also avoid anyone who employs such people.
  1. Sex addicts. I can tell a few dirty jokes. But if that's all there is to the conversation, avoid.
  1. Drug, alcohol or food addicts. I like my food and my beer, and can talk about food and beer at length. But if that's all there is to the conversation, avoid.
  1. Self-interested conversation. I like to share a couple of things about myself that I don't think anyone's interested in. But if someone's constantly talking about their narrow tastes or interests without inviting you to their conversations, avoid.
  1. Title holders. I've met some very successful people who had very modest things to say. If the person you're talking to is constantly talking about their awards, privilege, luxurious hotes, famous friends and television appearances, avoid.
  1. Degree and rank holders. Same goes for people who went to God knows what Business School or hold God knows what rank at some conglomerate. If that's all they're talking about or want to be treated some kind of way, avoid.
  1. Love showers. If someone's constantly buying you expensive gifts, taking you out to expensive places, flattering a bit too much, or seems to have overinflated or exaggerated feelings for you, avoid. Because in the end they'll probably try to use you in some way.
  1. The question avoider. If you ask someone basic and relevant questions and they're not providing basic and relevant answers, avoid.
  1. The overprincipled guy or girl. I don't eat cucumber. I'm just laying this list out for fun. But if someone never does too many things, or seems to have rituals that demand that you center your life around them, avoid. Let them find their people.
  1. The angry one. If someone seems to be angry at too much stuff and nothing seems to be going their way, avoid.
  1. The one who swears more than Eminem. I can use four letter words here and there, but if someone's using way too many swear words, they probably belong to a clique or a gang that does illegal stuff. Avoid.
  1. The missionary. I like football or soccer if you want to call it that but don't try to force anyone to watch a match or a game with me. If someone's forcing you to eat vegetarian, go to church or stop eating porc for whatever reason, avoid.
  1. The Hollywood movie. If someone tells you stories that seem to come straight out of movies, they're probably aiming for your money one way or the other. Avoid.
  1. The political mastermind. I like politics. I have my own theories. I write about them on Ovi. But I try not to spoil conversation with those theories; If someone's constantly talking about poltics and nothing else, they're probably trying to avoid talking about you or them. So avoid.
  1. The labor union. If someone's constantly talking about their job, the job market or their job prospects, avoid. Jobs are important, but there's other stuff to life.
  1. The indecent one. If someone's talking about their hemorrhoid problems or their periods when you're not their lover or best friend, avoid.
  1. The one with the foreign language. Choosing what language to speak can be mind bending. But it should be the language you're both comfortable using. If someone's forcing themselves into a foreign language they barely speak, or force you to speak in a language you only have a smattering of, avoid. Either way they're kind of trying to humiliate you.
  1. The one who takes decisions for you. At a restaurant, you should order whatever you feel like having. You should have a say in what restaurant you're going to, where the conversation's headed or what stuff you want to buy. If someone else is taking decisions for you, avoid.
  1. The ones who reinvent themselves. Keep in mind that a good story is often an authentic one. If you want to tell good stories, make sure they're authentic. Good stories take a little bit of work on your part with your memory. But if someone's telling stories that seem too good to be true, and is constantly telling such stories, avoid.
  1. The one who's constantly on Facebook. People with real friends tend to spend very little time on Facebook. If someone's posting too much on Facebook, avoid.
  1. The one who reinvents stories. If you witness events and that guy or girl keeps distorting them, avoid.
  1. The intellectual one. I read a lot of books. But I can also share stories of my failed marriage and shakshuka recipes, among other fun stories. If someone wants to exclusively discuss intellectual stuff, avoid.

Of course this is a long list of people to avoid, but fortunately such people tend to be the minority, depending on how you count. The idea is to make friends who don't fit the descriptions above. Once you have enough friends who don't fit the descriptions above and work for places who don't have people who fit the descriptions above, stay there and keep your friends!


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