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Note On The Dialogue Of Maturity
by David Sparenberg
2018-01-28 11:25:12
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I do not believe that we are God.  I do not believe God is an invention of humanity.  While God for me is capable of person-to-person intimacy and dialogic relationship, I know the reality of God exceeds us in our broken and conflicted history in a way similar to the cosmos exceeding Earth.

dialog01_400I do contend, however, that we shape God in our understanding and thereby our standing with or against reverence for life and revelation from a living God (God or Goddess howsoever named), determined by our capacities and by our limitations as an unfinished yet spiritually evolving species.  (And what, in this global morass of crises, is gestating among us, yesterday, today and tomorrow, as seeds of salvific change?)

If we are collectively immature; of course we are; the conclusion is not that God is immature.  Rather, our ability to enter into the divine-human dialogue is limited by our species immaturity.  If individually, eventually too on a species wide level, we are maturing and thereby approaching an awareness of completeness, the implication of entering the dialogue at a level of maturity means we increase comprehension of God’s revelation and some experiential terms to define a dynamic for democratization of  the love and power within this dialogue of maturity.  Positioned within our intergenerational challenge and impasse, such radical movement must, both strongly and clearly, include a genesis of green sanity, responsible stewardship and compassionate liberation.

While the existential debacle of human history is consequentially alienation, corruption and dissolution of trust, we can and do shape God through ability and limitation: agony and longing, seeking and resignation.  To perceive and accept this premise allows us to approach prayer as theophanic.  This is to assert that the truth of prayer, praying, is in the theophanic (or God-showing, which I am here calling God-shaping, the making of humanly perceivable image) is the touchstone nature of prayer and praying .  Herein we do not invent or make God to be God any more than we are Faustian magicians who can conjure the Great Spirit.  But we do make our relationship to God according to where we are, individually and in this species-family of being human, as we accept and aspire to become worthy of the significance of numinous encounter between us. 

For there is this: In the maturity of this revelatory and enlightening dialogue are two terms of liberation.  God is liberated from dogma and we would be set free from the bondage and debt of fear, hatred, ignorance and violence.  Liberating from divisive fixation and setting free from cumulative negativities does not render us less human as we become more accepting of mortality-consciousness and existentially conditioned vulnerability, but more true and creatively attuned to potentials of Earth-inhabiting human reality.

Authentic dialogue is based on a mutuality of recognition.  The dialogue spoken of here, being the highest form of dialogue humanly possible within the processes of species spiritual evolution, is no exception.  As it comes on it brings a new code of defining relationships between Heaven and Earth, Above and Below, the enlightenment of our kind and Light of the Other.

This is the revolutionary mustard seed that sprouts small in a soul and labors to find itself as truth-force of the world.  For what does the mirror long looking into itself but the face that appears in it?  For what does the face long other than the mirror rendering a true to life reflection of perceiver and perception? 

To extend the metaphor, I am not contemplating here the distorted glass of anthropocentrism or the broken glass of sectarianism.  Neither of these are terms I would apply to dialogue or maturity.  Neither can maintain legitimacy in a necessity of spiritual evolution as emergent, global, non-violent revolution. 


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