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Opening Pandora's Box in your thirties
by Abigail George
2018-01-21 13:39:12
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Opening Pandora’s Box in your thirties

There’s a loss to the windswept
  day. The waves beautiful but I
do not want to go into the water.
  Feel it against my skin. I’m afraid I might
Drown in all of that memory. That
  sly work. I feel I might get tangled
Up in the seaweed and never come
  up for air again. Perhaps I will hit
My head against driftwood and lose consciousness.
  I remember you touching my face.
It was only a moment. Now it’s a
  memory and there’s a loss to the day.

It’s you. It’s you. The light as if from
  birthday candles are punishing. You’re
a man. Thunder. Wolf-like and unhappy.
  I’m a woman. Lightning. In other words
an angel. But I am also unhappy. How
  to solve this elegantly. I wanted to hide
from the world. (In other words,) from
  you. You’re poetry. Poetry. I say this
as if I have never experienced
  Tigers of lust, pleasure, the suffering
Of pain. I loved you. Even though you were
  Cold to me afterwards. I like to remember that.
You’re with another now. She’s more
  woman. Less girl.


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